Monday, 28 October 2013

Literacy Circle And Hatchet Assignments

In Term 3, 2 reading groups from my class began a Literacy Circle, the 2 groups were the “X-Men” and “The Avengers”. But there were too many in the Avengers so they got split into to 2 groups, “Avengers 1” and “Avengers 2”.

A Literacy Circle is when a group of people each get a chapter book (each person get’s the same book), they read 1 chapter and get a roll/assignment to do. The assignments are; “Discussion Director”, you right down 3 questions about the book like “What would you do if a pilot in the plane you were in had a heart attack?”, the discussion director in my group asked that question because it’s what happened in the book we were reading.

Secondly there’s the “Word Master” (my first roll). The “Word Master” has to find 4 different interesting words in that chapter, find it’s meaning, and write it’s meaning in your own words, then you choose 1 of those words to put in this 4 box thing (I’m not sure what it’s called), in one of the boxes you draw the word, in another one you write words with a similar meaning, in the 3rd one you put the meaning in your own words and in the 4th one you put a word in a sentence.

Next there’s the “Passage Picker”, the “Passage Picker” finds 3 funny, well written, surprising, thought-provoking or confusing paragraphs in the chapter he or she was reading.

Then there’s the “Connector”, the connector has to find text-to-text (when a moment in the book is almost the same as a moment in another book) in the chapter, text-to-self (when something in the book is almost the same as what happened to you once) and text-to-world (when something in the book is almost the same as what happens in the world).

5th we have the “Illustrator (illustrator)”, the illustrator draws a scene from the chapter and rights a his own sentence telling what is happening in the illustration.

Last but not least we have the “Summariser”. The “Summariser” just summarises the chapter he or she was reading.

There are 6 people in one group, (2 groups didn’t get to do a literacy circle)  they get 2 days to do the assignment they were given. After 2 days they all get share what they’ve done.  
I was in one of the Avengers, we were reading a book called HATCHET, it’s about a boy who gets lost in the Canadian woods when he’s on a plane to visit his father in Canada. All he has is a hatchet that his mother gave him, he’s all alone with “the secret” in his mind. We finally finished the book and I loved it. I think you should read it it is amazing.  

Here are photos of some assignments I did.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Thunder Skull Episode 7: The Dominator... PART 2!

On Thunder Skull

“There’s a robotic scorpion outside, FOR REAL!” Agent Marcus said
“Yeah right,” I replied.
“He’s not kidding,” Crighwolf said.

“Scorponok?”I said

“Thunder Skull went to get his “Dignity” back, but he never came back” said Elijahman
“Come on we have to find Thunder Skull,” said Elijahman,
I was lying unconscious at the feet of the Scorponok dude.
Now (breathes heavily), you will obey me, and only (breathes heavily) ME!
I stood up not knowing what I was doing, I was still knocked out inside.
“Yes, MASTER,” I replied.
My team arrived surprised (but not really... They probably knew this was coming...), I attacked them. I wasted all of them without even trying.
Someone crashed through the roof and started attacking me. I knew who he was.
“DYLAN, It’s been awhile,” I said on the outside.
“It’s CAPTAIN D: (Captain-D) to you, and I didn’t come alone,” Captain D: said. Suddenly Master Tyrone crashed through the roof. Dylan threw his shield at me
I fall down but I wasn’t finished. I threw my grenades at them both that I got from that commander dead skins planet... WOAH WAIT... When did I steal the grenades from THAT planet, oh well? I threw the grenades, the twins are a tough fight, but I’m not known for giving up. I had one grenade left. I threw it and an explosion filled the air, flames everywhere. The smoke cleared and my allies were gone.
You let them get AWAY!” Said the Scorponok guy, he still hasn’t even told me his name, but I found it best not to ask.
“Hey atleast I was trying,” I said. “Besides I planted a bomb on Captain D:,
Oh really?” Scorponok replied.
“Well yeah, I mean, I just told you...” I replied, “but you shouldn’t let your guard down, ‘cause I might of just planted it on... YOU,” I say. I pull out a remote from my back and say “bombs away scorpo,” *BOOM*. the whole place came down in ashes, with me in it.

“Thanks for saving us,” said Agent Marcus.
“Yeah, but we couldn’t save Thunder Skull,” Said Jedi Tevayunda.
“You guys were awesome, how about we make you the new leaders?” says Agent Marcus.
“Alright then,” Captain D: replied.
“I didn’t realise how powerful Thunder Skull is,” said Master Zebhdiyah.
“It’s going to be the fight of our lives taking the 2 on by ourselves,” says Crighwolf.
“But we’ll do it, no matter the cost, any sacrifice will be considered. And you DON’T have to worry, you got me and Dylan now,” says Master Tyrone.
“That scorpion guy was able to take down Thunder Skull, imagine how strong he could be,” said Elijahman.
“How strong he would of be,” says a mysterious voice.
“No, it can’t be,” says Jedi Tevayunda.
“Thunder Skull?” says Captain D:

Monday, 14 October 2013

My Dot Art

This is my dot art. What my class did was, we all sent a photo of our selves to Mr. Moriarty, Mr. Moriarty then printed the photo so that we could trace it. We used a paper that has dots, and to me, the dots make the art stand out for some reason.

I hope you like it and please comment.
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