Saturday, 22 June 2013

Thunder Skull! Episode 4: Attack Of The Aliens........ PART 1?

In some places alien invasions are a shock, but not in this town. (more like a city... It’s Auckland.) My name is Inderpreet. & there is NO WAY. That I’m going to go threw my origins here. Just check episode 1 part 1 & 2, it’s alot easier! Besides I’m kinda in a huge alien attack right now!

“AU MAN I HATE STAR tests”, (but in real life there all goods ) when suddenly a huge alien spacecraft came crashing RIGHT outside room’s 1, 2 & 3! (Glad there was no class there.) A bunch of alien creatures came running out & they actually spoke English surprisingly! “Take us to your leader” they said. (man that quote is so old) “SHUT UP” said-what looked to be the leader. “I AM COMMANDER DEAD SKIN..... And the captain!” said dead skin. (I knew he was the leader... or captain... or whatever. And dead skin SERIOUSLY, oh man this ain't gonna be a friendly fight) “I have come to this planet ‘cause I want to find the boy... THUNDER SKULL!” said Dead Skin. I couldn’t believe my eyes. (probably ‘cause I never told anyone except for Daniel & Andrew, my superhero partners & my family that I was Thunder Skull.) So I told my teacher I had to go to the toilet, so I got dressed as Thunder Skull & got ready to fight!

“AHH, there you are BOY” Said Dead Skin. “You want a piece of me? Well you’ll get 2 pieces”, suddenly I fired my nitro launcher, & here’s the cowardly part....... DEAD SKIN DIDN’T EVEN FIGHT, instead he unleashed his army of aliens on me! I fought them of, they didn’t even stand a chance. And if Dead Skin actually conquered a world or if these are his best men, than that is just SAD! Soon my superhero allies came. not like I didn’t need them. I mean these aliens are horrible at fighting.  Dead Skin ordered his minions to rechreat. It was 8 against over 50.
“Not much of a fair fight was it” Elijah man said.
“Yeah, for them” I added.

I was walking home when suddenly Dead Skin’s commander ship started attacking pedestrians. I acted quick. I got dressed as Thunder Skull & my allies also showed up. We started engaging battle. And believe me these guys were stronger than the last ones that attacked the school. “These guys are a lot stronger” Ellis said while struggling to fight.
“Tell me about it” Marcus replied. Suddenly Ellis finds a weak spot on the aliens................................ THEIR NEAK. Soon they’re ALL wiped out.

I was once again walking home when suddenly Dead Skin attacked me. And I was right, it was NOT a friendly fight! My superhero group once again comes & saves me. I see Teva with his back turned. I was fighting Dead Skin & Teva was about to be zapped with a vaporizing ray. I jump in front of Teva to save him (in all the fights I WAS in my Thunder Skull suit but not the WHOLE time though) I was zapped. And I was, GONE!



  1. Why did thunder skull die. :-(
    this is a sad start but what are you gonna do now.Good part 1 though.
    Hope you'll come back to life. :-)

    1. Well just wait for part 2. And thanks for ya comment!

  2. Awesome story Inderpreet
    I can not wait for Thunder skull episode 4. That keeped me entertained the whole way though.

  3. That is A great story Inderpreet. I hope thunder skull doesn't end here.

  4. Wow, what an amazing story Inderpreet!!!!!!!
    That's a really cool story,
    it sounded like it really happened!
    I can't wait till I see part 4!
    Keep up the good work!!!

  5. Thanks for adding me in Inderpreet. And I loved your story. It is so funny. Well done.

  6. Great story Inderpreet! Why didn't you say GET OUT OF THE WAY JEDI TEVAYUNDA!
    Keep up the great work.


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