Thursday, 30 May 2013

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The Day My Car Came To Life!

I was driving home when suddenly I crashed into a tree, at least no one was hurt, well that’s what I thought. Suddenly a flash of light flickered on & off several times, it took me awhile to realize that it was my car, I heard a voice it said, “YEAH NO ONE WAS HURT EXCEPT ME”! My car just talked I couldn't believe my eyes well in this case my ears. “I’ll get you back for this” my car talked again, "you’re kidding right”? My car didn't respond it was almost like it was dead or maybe I was just hearing things. I hopped back in & drove home.

On my way back I hit a bump, “WHAT THE HECK MAN”, the voice was back I knew it was my car because he was the only one around plus I recognised his voice from before. “NOW GET A MOVE ON BEFORE YOU KILL ME, or I KILL YOU” my car talked again & this time it was a threat ( well kinda a threat) “WELL, WE GONNA GO? OR AM I GONNA HAVE TO MAKE YOU GO”! I could tell my car was angry so I just hurried back before something really bad happened. I finally got home with my car all in one peace. I got to bed quick & fell asleep so I could just get out of this situation & hope it never happened.

I got dressed for work & went down stairs to the kitchen to get some breakfast. I finally finished eating, I went to the garage & when I looked at my car it said “not this time” he drove full speed right at me &................. "What the?" I woke up in the middle of the night it was about 3:45 AM. Few it was just a dream, but wait this isn't the end because before I went to bed I looked out my window & saw my Camaro (My car is a Camaro SS, but not in real life just in this story) drive off into the dark but before it did, it looked around & transformed into some sort of mechanical life form & ran off into the shadows! Man I should really stop watching TransFormers every night.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Alien Bug Creature Art

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Here is a Vocaroo of a quote from my alien bug creature.

Here is my name or bug creature art. It is a random bug wearing jeans & a shirt!  

 I hope you like & please comment :-D!

Friday, 24 May 2013

Thunder Skull Episode 3: Allies

When someone steals your spot in something like staring in a movie or a school play or TRYING TO TOTALLY REPLACE YOU IN THE SPOT OF BEING THE SUPERHERO, & YOU END UP IN A FIGHT TO THE DEATH ABOUT WHO SHOULD BE THE REAL SUPERHERO! ‘cause that’s pretty much what I’m going through at the moment!

“AU YAY-YEAH! Doctor-Doctor time!” (it’s a school game)  Suddenly some dude came up & kidnapped room 3... AND THE TEACHER! When no one was looking I got dressed as Thunder Skull & ALMOST, saved the day until about 7 other superheros came to the rescue! All of them stood there beating up the kidnapper while I just stood there wondering what the heck was going on! Usually I would save the day with everyone so amazed that they never notice that I’m gone but this time there were 7 people gone! There were 21 kids & Mr. M who didn’t even notice. There were 8 (including me) people missing, he just stood there making a movie! (Probably for our class blog: The Tree Of PRIDE!) Suddenly the whole class was full again! “Ha, new competition” I said to myself. All I knew was one thing........ The only possible superheros who stole the show from me can only be................................... The 7 missing people in my class. “It had to be them, it just had to be them! I just know it”.

Later that day I was in the city walking home when there was someone getting robbed. I acted quick, I got dressed as Thunder Skull & once again ALMOST saved the day until, the same super heroes came & robbed me of my fame. I was fed up but didn’t do anything about it.

That night I was watching “Adventure Time” when a sudden news flash interrupted  the show! “Breaking news, some knew superheroes have just entered the streets of Auckland. Taking the fame away from Thunder Skull, could we be seeing the END of Thunder Skull? “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enough! This is not the end of Thunder Skull, & those new comers are about to find out why!” I said to myself. So that night I confronted the superheroes. I went to them, with NO REGRETS!

Finally I met them stopping a crime, “hey, HEY! You think you can steal my act without a fight? DO YA?” (I had just said to my foes) “Who do you think you are” said what looked to be Zeb. “Oh you KNOW who I am, ZEB! And don’t think I don’t recognize ya Teva, Cameron, Crighton, Elijah, Marcus & Ellis.” “Man how did he know it’s us?” Said Ellis, “ELLIS” yelled everyone. “How did you know it was us?” said Teva, UM............ BECAUSE WHEN I ALMOST SAVED THE DAY YOU GUYS CAME & STOLE THE SHOW, PLUS YOU WERE THE ONLY 7 IN THE CLASS MISSING!” I replied in a TOTALLY angry voice.

“Well you aren’t the only hero in this city” Cameron said. “You asking for a challenge?” (I replied) “No, I’m DEMANDING a challenge” said Cameron. Suddenly everyone wanted to be the hero & we got into a HUGE fight. Everyone started unleashing their powers at each other. Even ME! We all really wanted to be the hero of Auckland & we nearly paid the ULTIMATE price for trying to win. Suddenly I thought Teva was just about to kill someone! (I’m serious, that’s how desperate we were) I couldn’t handle this, so I took matters into my own hands..............................................

“STOP!” I yelled. “Look, we all want to be the heroes of Auckland, but think about it, why have 1 hero when we can have 8! Just think about it, we’re all friends & we’re fighting each other to the DEATH! We don’t need to be individuals, which may be pretty cool. BUT, what if we actually become the losers of a fight, who will save us? WE CAN SAVE EACH OTHER. So how about it? All of us in a SUPERHERO GANG! The city of Auckland will be safe know, NO danger, NO fighting. You guys with me”. (MAN THAT WAS AN AWESOME SPEECH I JUST GAVE, let’s just hope the other 7 heroes liked it). They all looked at each other & said........................ “NO!” “wait WHAT! Did you guys just say, NO?” “YES” they replied “you’re kidding..... RIGHT?” “YES” “man you guys gave me heart attack!” So it was settled, we became A SUPERHERO GANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now all we gotta do is think of a name for the group!       

Note: Every hero in this story AGREED to be in this. If you were in this story & didn’t want to be in it please say in the comment section.  

Everyone please note: The very beginning paragraph is like a preview kinda of what is gonna happen later in the episode. 

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Kensuke's Kingdom

Here it is. My "Kensuke's Kingdom" Map. I hope you like it. & please comment. :-D
By: Michael Morpurgo.
Illustrated by: Michael Foreman.
Map drawn by: Inderpreet Kalkat (me)

The Blue Whale

Here is a blue whale presentation  All Avengers (the reading group) had to do a presentation of a whale, I chose the blue whale. I hope you like it & please comment :-D!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Math Shape Building

Here it is guys & gals! My 2 shapes that i made out of only wooden sticks & Blue Tack.

This is my 1st shape I made, it's a cube.
Faces: 6.
Vertices: 8.
Edges: 12.

Here is my 2nd shape I made, it's a square triangle.
Faces: 5.
Vertices: 5.
Edges: 8.

And heres a house I made by combining my 2 shapes

I hope you like them & like this post, so please comment :-)! 

Camp Zero Gravity, IMAGINE!

Here I am, in the “Forest Of Darkness” of “Camp Zero Gravity Electrifying”. Apparently BigFoot is after me, something about not giving him any free SubWay! What am I going to do next? I’m gonna go change my pants! OK. I’m in my cabin, I’m sweating so much that I’m eventually gonna flood the whole island with sweat! Well if that does happen, BigFoot’s coming down with me, ‘cause at least I know how to swim

Man, if this is happening ‘cause of my wish to live a day of real life zombie tag, looks like wish come true, well kinda. Now I’m in the SubWay outlet at “Camp Zero Gravity Electrifying”, I figured if I’m gonna die I’m not gonna die hungry! Now I bet if my brother was here he would be saying “Inderpreet, don’t eat SubWay you fatty! You already had enough KFC!” Well it’s a good thing he’s not here, & a great thing that I own this camp, so can eat this footlong SubWay for free. SMASH! “OH NO.................. I dropped my SubWay! YOU MONSTER” I yelled at BigFoot, wait BIGFOOT! “AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Suddenly BigFoot was after me again, & even worse... I WAS STILL HUNGRY!

Soon I had screamed & ran so much that I eventually threw up! Then I stopped & thought, “hard to believe that used to be a KFC Zinger Burger”, I had just said to myself when I turned around & BigFoot was standing right there, & There was no way I was gonna step in my own puke! I was cornered & BigFoot approached me, & just when I thought he was gonna eat me alive he showed me a piece of paper. At first I was so confused but then it made sense, BigFoot wasn’t  after me for free SubWay, he was after me to give me his money for the 10 footlong SubWays he had for breakfast. So he gave me the cash & he was of. Man that was a waste of half hour!             

Friday, 17 May 2013

Friendship Art

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Here is my friendship quote face art & a Vocaroo of my quote, that I made up. 
I hope you like it & please comment :-D!

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Math Nets

Here is my math nets.
Please comment :-D!

Side view.    

Faces: 6.
Vertices: 8.Edges: 12.
                                    Bottom view 

The number of faces plus the number of Vertices (corners) equals the number of edges. (Formula from Parkvale School, room 17).


Here is the information card, giving you some more info of this shape (cube).   


Top view.

& here is a little special feature. My learning buddy, Bree. This is her shape. (If you wish to comment on Brees shape please do it on her blog).

Side (top) view.                            Information card. Faces: 7. Edges: 15. Vertices: 10.                            

Friday, 10 May 2013

Rock Climbing At Karamu High

Here it is. My Prezi for "rock climbing at Karamu high".
 Please comment. (& there's no photo of me rock climbing :-(. ). 


Karamu High Rock Climbing
Week 2!

Something I enjoyed was: Climbing the wall.
Because: I haven’t done it in a long time (other than week 1).

I really enjoyed learning: How to belay.
Because: Because I’ve only done it once in my life.

Something I found hard was: Learning were to put my feet to get higher.

Something that made me think was: How to get better at belaying.

Something I want to get better at is: Getting higher.
What can I do about it: Never give up.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Angry Verb Bird


The Bad Piggies better watch out 'cause these are some angry birds with some angry verbs.

Looks like my angry bird looked in the mirror & saw he got drawn so good.

(Or 'cause there were the words: Attack, Attacking & Attacked written all over his face.)

I've finally gotten my angry verb bird on my blog I hope you like it & please comment.

Monday, 6 May 2013

Face Art.

Check it out, I finally got my name art on my blog.
Hope you like it :-D.


I put a lot of effort into this especially 'cause some dye spilled onto the cheek so I cut a piece of paper out and drawed my face over. it's not as good as it was before :-(! but still hope you like it.

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