Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Angry Verb Bird


The Bad Piggies better watch out 'cause these are some angry birds with some angry verbs.

Looks like my angry bird looked in the mirror & saw he got drawn so good.

(Or 'cause there were the words: Attack, Attacking & Attacked written all over his face.)

I've finally gotten my angry verb bird on my blog I hope you like it & please comment.


  1. Your angry verb looks great, Inderpreet. The way you have written your post is awesome - it really captures the reader's attention.

    Are you going to add that poster you shared with me? I think it would add even more to the post :)

  2. That is some good looking angry verb Inderpreet. did you do the other one in paint? Because it also looks fantastic. Well done.

  3. Cool Inderpreet I love your angry verb. Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Awesome Angry bird Inderpreet. The words really stand out and your drawing really does look the best in the class.

    Great Work!:)

  5. Caw Caw, Inderpreet!
    Great work!
    That angry bird looks like its just going to smash those pig's structures!
    I wouldn't mind seeing that advert on tv!
    Nice poster too!

    Sincerely, Teva Tait.


    1. Thanks Teva, which angry bird do you mean when you said "That angry bird is going to smash those pig's structures!"? o_o.

  6. What a great angry verb bird Inderpreet!
    You have done well with your coloring.
    Awesome work! Keep it up:-)

    1. Thanks! Did you comment on this after I put the poster on?

  7. WOW! Just WOW.
    That is one of the best posts I've seen this year. Or in two years!!!
    I love how you describe the birds like a news reporter on TV.
    You should do more posts like this on your blog.

  8. Wow Inderpreet!
    I love your angry bird!
    What a great description that you have written!
    I like your title where it has the word verb over bird.
    Very creative!
    Well done:-)

  9. Awesome Work Inderpreet ,
    I like your Angry Bird
    I like the part in your description where it says : Looks like my angry
    bird looked in the mirror & saw he got drawn so good.

    Well Done.

  10. Wow Inderpreet
    Your angry bird look awesome
    It is really cool how you have done it different from us and how you have made a mini story
    Well done !!!

    1. Thanks for the comment & what mini story do you mean? o_o.

  11. wow inderpreet so are so cool at this well done inderpreet!!! and the eyes look really cool as well

  12. Your post is very clever. It made me stop and think and that is what great blog authors do. Your angry verb bird is a model of the success criteria. Room 5 love their angry verbs and are using different verbs in their writing.

  13. Great job Inderpreet. I like how at the top of the angry bird picture that was cool. Great job

  14. Fantastic Inderpreet!
    Your bird is amazing!
    Why did you choose the red bird and attack?

    1. I don't know? The red birds awesome! I chose attack 'cause I knew no one else would even think about choosing it. Well they probably would?


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