Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The Day My Car Came To Life!

I was driving home when suddenly I crashed into a tree, at least no one was hurt, well that’s what I thought. Suddenly a flash of light flickered on & off several times, it took me awhile to realize that it was my car, I heard a voice it said, “YEAH NO ONE WAS HURT EXCEPT ME”! My car just talked I couldn't believe my eyes well in this case my ears. “I’ll get you back for this” my car talked again, "you’re kidding right”? My car didn't respond it was almost like it was dead or maybe I was just hearing things. I hopped back in & drove home.

On my way back I hit a bump, “WHAT THE HECK MAN”, the voice was back I knew it was my car because he was the only one around plus I recognised his voice from before. “NOW GET A MOVE ON BEFORE YOU KILL ME, or I KILL YOU” my car talked again & this time it was a threat ( well kinda a threat) “WELL, WE GONNA GO? OR AM I GONNA HAVE TO MAKE YOU GO”! I could tell my car was angry so I just hurried back before something really bad happened. I finally got home with my car all in one peace. I got to bed quick & fell asleep so I could just get out of this situation & hope it never happened.

I got dressed for work & went down stairs to the kitchen to get some breakfast. I finally finished eating, I went to the garage & when I looked at my car it said “not this time” he drove full speed right at me &................. "What the?" I woke up in the middle of the night it was about 3:45 AM. Few it was just a dream, but wait this isn't the end because before I went to bed I looked out my window & saw my Camaro (My car is a Camaro SS, but not in real life just in this story) drive off into the dark but before it did, it looked around & transformed into some sort of mechanical life form & ran off into the shadows! Man I should really stop watching TransFormers every night.


  1. Wow what an amazing story. love the ending. Can't wait to see what's you come up with next. :-)

  2. Awesome Inderpreet,
    You have described the story
    really well and it made me feel like I was in it.

  3. Great story Inderpreet. Wow I don't get to watch transforms.
    Keep up the great work!


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