Thursday, 11 April 2013

Thunder Skull! Episode 2: Origins PART 2


Inderpreet had just been struck with a force of lightning by the evil Storm master. Many shocks of lightning occurred in Inderpreets body over several weeks. Soon Inderpreet found out about his amazing powers & did wonderful things with them, he even saved the city from earthquakes & explosions & soon Inderpreet was up for the challenge of facing the Storm master but then Inderpreet came home from school one day & There was a piece of paper at Inderpreets house that said something terrible on it ......?

One day Inderpreet came home from school but something seriously not cool had been written on a piece of paper. It said “If you haven’t seen the smashed window in the kitchen & don’t think it’s cold then you’re a total nutcase”. “I’m gonna rip his body apart when I get my hands on him, just like Megatron literally ripped Jazz’s body apart in Transformers 1”  said Inderpreet loudly (you probably thought he said it quietly well theres no one in the house!). Inderpreet keeped reading even though he didn’t want to! It said “Anyway I’ve kidnapped your parents, you’re brother & friends & if you DON’T come to 304 terrace road (made up the number plus it’s the street that I used to live on) I will drop a bomb on the whole city of Auckland & every single human life in this city will die even yours! So what’s it gonna be, Your gonna show up or you gonna  let the whole city die because of you. Your choice & a lot of pressure. Well if you choose to come to 304, show up today at midnight or if you’re totally a moron it’s 12 ‘o’ clock pm! Sincerely, Storm Master” (that’s the end of the writing) Inderpreet put on his costume that he made when he goes out to save the city & yes he did make a costume (but not in real life though).

Inderpreet headed out at midnight & when he showed up Storm master was standing right behind the door or should I say under the door? AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Inderpreet was standing on a trapdoor & Storm master noticed that & he pulled the lever that opens the trapdoor, Inderpreet finally went face-to-face with Storm master. What Inderpreet didn’t know was that it was a... TRAP! Storm master tied up Inderpreet in about a second with one of his machines Inderpreet saw his friends & family again but all tied up.

Storm master said to Inderpreet “HA! you just fell into my perfect trap you idiot”. “HEEEEYYYY”! said Inderpreet. “SILENCE! Now let me just tell you what I mean. Either way if you came here or not I would of blown up everyone. & just by the press of this button a bomb the size of a school will blow, UP”! Said Storm master. “WOW. How idiotic of you Storm. You do realize you’ll blow as well. I mean seriously how stupid & you call me a nutcase”! Said Inderpreet proudly in a mocking type of voice. “Well I guess I never thought about like that, well, looks like i’ll just kill you all with my nitro cannon one shot & you’ll be gone like the dinosaurs”.

Inderpreets family & his friends kept on telling him “do something Inderpreet, do something”. In a sad voice. “WOW, they actually think you’re gonna save them HA what do think you are some sort of hero” said Storm master. “No, but you’re staring face-to-face with a 384 kg boy whose about to rip your body in half”! Said THUNDER SKULL! then something totally epic occurred! Inderpreet or should I say Thunder Skull found his true powers and released them as one! No one knew what the heck was going but Storm didn’t want to know what was going on. Suddenly everything was just a total plane wreck it was all destroyed, Thunder Skull had ripped clothes & everything. Suddenly Inderpreet just fainted everyone was alive & Inderpreet & his family decided to put Storm in jail. “YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THE LAST OF ME. I WILL ENACT MY REVENGE ON YOU” said Storm.

Looks like that’s the end so just remember to check my blog for episode 3!          


  1. WOW! Those story's keep getting better Inderpreet. Is there going to be a part 3? I just want to keep reading it.

    1. You bet there's gonna be a part 3 but it's not really gonna be a part 3 more like a episode 2. Not episode 3 'cause "The Full Thunder Skull Story Part 1" & "Part 2" where episode 1 but split into two like most shows.

  2. Wow inderpreet how did you do that whole writing by yourself.Cool job inderpreet.Well done.

    1. Thanks Shivom appreciate the comment, part 2 was the hardest 'cause I had to think of the horrible thing that it said on the paper at the end of part 1.


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