Monday, 19 August 2013

Writing Trial "An Empty Room"

I was selected as one of the writers for a writing trial in my school, Here is one of my stories. I hope you like it and please comment :-).                        

Dear Mr. Principal
I hear there is an empty room in the school that's not being used at all. So here's some idea's to help you. Because my opinion is the room should be spectacular, because this school needs it. Right now, there is not much great stuff about the school, and it might be a tourist attraction after school if you put anything awesome in there. If it's a room where you can have fun, other students would want to join our school.

Firstly, having something fun or cool in the room would be noticed by other school's, and some students might come from other school's and join ours because of what ever is going to be in that room. I think this is a pretty good idea because if more kids join our school, parents would think there is something special about this school and those parents would want to put their kids in the school so the school's population would get even bigger! Think of the possibilities, if the school gets that much kids, we might get an award for "most kids in a school,".

Secondly, if you don't like that idea, how about putting something amazing. Anything amazing would be a good tourist attraction, our school will be noticed around the globe. I believe this is a great idea because our school will be so famous around the globe. Anyone from anywhere would come to see our school. Can you just imagine that, and you will be responsible for the whole thing (I am saying that in a good way). Everyone will drive past or walk past, even run past you and say "Hey you are that guy who owns that cool school,".

Lastly, How about putting both idea's into one idea. Anything fun AND amazing is an awesome idea in my opinion. Having tourist AND more kids from anywhere will be a huge success for the school. It will also bring more money so we can have fun stuff like more camps, maybe sossage sizzles, TWO fun runs in a year, 1 book fair every year. This school will be able to pull of so many possible things.

In conclusion, one room can be the key to the school's success. We could pull of 2 fun runs in a year, more sossage sizzles, 1 book fair each year, and even more camps. So please listen to what I have just said. I know you will make the right decision because you made the right decision not to eliminate morning interval, and if I was right about morning interval, then I'm right about this.


  1. Good work there Inderpreet you blew my mind Inderpreet.
    Keep up the good work I like the part how it says We could pull of 2 fun runs in a year, more sausage sizzles.
    That was fantastic keep up the blogging there awesome.

  2. Wow Great job. Reading this makes me think I'm listing to you say it. Well done.


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