Thursday, 28 February 2013

 A Summer Holiday At Splash Planet!

Finally we're here, me, my brother Amarveer, my cousin & my mum we arrive to Splash Planet after 8 years & the first thing we’re gonna do is go on the “Master Blaster”. My brothers never been on the sky tunnel or super cruiser I have & Amarveer’s older! My brother said this he’s gonna do it not back down but first we’re going on the MASTER BLASTER! Man that was cold yet refreshingly warm.

We got on the same ride like 7 times in a row but now it’s time for what I came to do see my brother finally go down the the Sky Tunnel! We’ve gotten to the front my brothers in the front & desperate to go down, he’s waiting for the light to shine green & 3,2,1 go my bro was nerves so when the guard wasn't looking I gave my brother a slight push & leaped down, WWOOOOO! my bro was having fun I could tell & it was just a matter of time ‘till the light goes green my cousin’s gone down & now it’s time for me to have some fun GO, a echo of my brothers voice was being heard. I remember my cousin saying that there's a robot made out of lights on the right side of the wall (it’s just a 2d shape not real one) I sow it & started yelling I SAW THE ROBOT AAHHH, I think my Amarveer heard ‘cause I heard him say STOP YELLING! My brother had serious fun, in fact he even wanted to do it again except this the super cruiser.

We go on a bunch of rides so many times that we got tired & jumped into the lazy river literally my cousin did cannonball into the water, SPLASH! Me & Amarveer was soaked well that’s what we get for standing by the water while our cousin’s do a bomb (trust me it’s a enormous bomb when he does it). well we found a few floats to lie on top of ‘till we get out. In our time we started having a race for some reason my cousin was winning I don’t know how the floats were able to carry that weight neither did Amarveer. We were shocked so when our cousin wasn't looking we got of our floats & started running with them, soon we caught up but it was too late my cousin had already gone under the bridge & won.

Soon we got little hungry so me, Amarveer, my cousin & my mum ate hot chips & chicken nuggets. My cousin went to the race cars (he didn't want to go on the jungle jeeps neither did me & Amarveer there to slow) while me & My brother went on the Sky Tunnel again while our cousin went to the go carts.

Soon it was sadly time to leave & we were changed into our regular clothes & ready to go but it was one heck of a time but hey all good things must come to an end. So must this summer event but there is always next time.
 next time.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The Mystery Book.

The Mystery Book,
It is for Parkvale  room 5 & others to guess what book it is. Everyone in room 16 Parkvale has done it & published it on their blog for the school to see. I hope you enjoy.

Friday, 15 February 2013

My First School Dive

Man the water looks so SHIVERING. I really want dive but at the same time there's a feeling inside telling me don’t do It, I decided to ignore the voice. I smell the chlorine cleaning the pool around the hundreds of children in the water & the nice cool water. I’m about to jump but I’m wondering should I really do It. OK that's it I can’t do It. I’m about to back down but I remember that if i do my friends will call me chicken for life. The water’s cold I’ll know it mean I can see everyone, they look like they're about to become a human Popsicle. I can hear people screaming and yelling. Man It’s so hot, OK I have to get In there I can’t stand the heat. Alright I’m going to jump, OK here I go AAHHH! Oh man I got water in my mouth. Hey wait a minute, it’s not that bad even the jump, heck the jump was awesome I’m gonna do that again. & then do another then I’m just gonna chill, relax & enjoy my time while I can.  TOOT TOOT. Oh no I think the whistle just blew for everyone to get out. Man I should've dived as soon as I got to the top instead of wondering should I jump or not. Well there's always next time. ATTENTION ALL STUDENTS, what the, THE POOL WILL BE CLOSING AFTER SCHOOL FOR THE CONSTRUCTION OF A NEW CLASSROOM, THANK YOU. Well looks like I’m never diving or swimming In this pool ever again, thanks to the principal and the construction of new class. Man why did he had to say It over the school intercom, now why couldn't he do it next year when I’m gone.              

Monday, 11 February 2013

My Netbook Agreement

I promise to be responsible for anything  that takes place or goes wrong . I will always have my net book ready & fully charged to be used for school work.

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