Thursday, 29 August 2013

Bread Pakora

Cooking Bread Pakora
With My Mum, (Mrs. Kalkat)

On Friday the 23. 08. 13, my mum came to my class to do some Indian cooking. We did cooking, because our topic is culture, and the country chosen for my class is India.

* Chickpea flour
* Cumin seed
* Salt to taste
* Tumeric (for color)
* Herbs
* Garam masala
* Vegetable oil (for frying)
* Bread
* Baking Soda

* Pot (For Frying)
* Pot (For Mixing)
* Cup Of Water

Step 1. Put chickpeas into the bowl, (4 tablespoons).
Add herbs
(One teaspoon of salt.
1/2 teaspoon of masala.
1/2 teaspoon of tumeric.
Mix cumin seeds.
1/2 teaspoon of herb.
Pinch of baking soda)
Step 2. Shake the bowl.
Pour in 1/2 a cup of water,
then mix (pour more water if you want).

Step 3. Pour (any) oil into a pot.  

Step 4. Get two pieces of bread, and cut them into 4 squares.

Step 5. Mix the herbs in the bowl with a spoon.

Next, dip the breads into the mixed herbs, put a maximum of 5 breads into the pot with the oil.

Step 6: When the breads are golden brown take them out of the pot and put them on a plate with a paper towel under them.

Step 7: Your bread pakoras are ready, so relax and enjoy.                                                                    

Basic Facts Math Test Scores

These are my scores on each day of my classes basic fact math test, I put them on a bar graph using "Google Drive, Spreadsheet". the highest score to get is 25/25. To get our percentages, we must times the number of questions (25) by what equals 100, for example, 25x4=100, so if I got 24 I would times it by 4 to get my percentage, so 24x4=96, so my percentage is 96%, but if there were only 20 questions I would times my scores by 5 to get my percentages because 20x5=100. so that's how we get our percentages, makes sense right?

My range was: (25-23=) 2
My range was (%): (100%-92%=) 8
My mean was: 24
My mean was (%): 96
My median was: 23-25 
My median was (%): 96-100, I had 2 answers (but in a way I only had 1 answer) because their are only 10 scores, and the 2 middle numbers in 10 are 5 and 6.
My total was: 240
My total was (%): 960

In a test, to get a range you must take the highest score and takeaway the lowest score. To get a mean you must add all the scores together and divide them by the amount of people who did the test. And to get the median, well the median is the same as the middle, so find the middle number or percentage to get the median 

 I got 25/25 for 3 days, I might not have been the first one to get 25/25 (I was the second) but I still got the highest score on day 1 (24/25) and I would of gotten 25/25 on the first day but forgot to do one question but it doesn't really matter and I was still proud of myself for all my scores, even the 23's. 

What I Thought Of The Tests
I thought the tests were really fun and I would love to do more of these tests, I enjoyed the hard questions and solving them, I also liked working out the class means/medians/ranges.

Friday, 23 August 2013

Henna Hands

Here are my Henna Hands, part of room 16's topic. I hope you like them, and please comment 

Henna hands are part of my Indian culture, only girls/women get Henna Hands. Henna Hands are mostly done on weddings and special events.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Letter to Ken Catran

Dear Ken Catran,
Hi, I’m Inderpreet a student in a class (Room 16 Parkvale School, Hastings New Zealand) that previously read your awesome book “Dead Harry”. The book was great and here’s what I thought of it.

I just thought the book was so amazing, I just wanted to keep reading the story but we only got to read one chapter per day. I loved the book and it was so cool I listened to basically every work. There were some really incredible and emotional moments in the book. The whole class thought your book was incredible, so we made some trailers (my one is the first one), our teacher 
(Mr. Moriarty) put them on the “Tree Of PRIDE” (our blog) and he put a poll on which “Dead Harry” trailer is the best, vote if you want. Here is the link.  

My favourite character was probably Sam... Maybe Harry... But I liked Sam as a character because he was quite funny, same with Harry. They were pretty awesome, and I might be the first one to say that Elias Milton was actually a cool dude. All the characters were great but Sam was my favourite.

My favourite part in the book was the end. You described every moment so well and I thought the end was so cool. How Sam and Anna saw a black figure at the back of the library holding a gun. and saw that it was Mrs. Anson! It got so intense just a few moments later when Sam and Anna got locked in the cupboard to get burned alive, I knew they were going to survive but just like everybody, I didn’t know how. You are a great writer Ken Catran, amazing ideas, you painted a picture in my mind at every moment.  

In conclusion, you wrote an awesome book, and I was amazed by the story. It was great enough to make several trailers and I hope you make a sequel.

Yours Sincerely,

Here is my groups trailer. I hope you like and vote up on the Tree Of PRIDE, the poll closes on the 25th of August.

Dead Harry from Room16 Parkvale on Vimeo.

Monday, 19 August 2013

Writing Trial "An Empty Room"

I was selected as one of the writers for a writing trial in my school, Here is one of my stories. I hope you like it and please comment :-).                        

Dear Mr. Principal
I hear there is an empty room in the school that's not being used at all. So here's some idea's to help you. Because my opinion is the room should be spectacular, because this school needs it. Right now, there is not much great stuff about the school, and it might be a tourist attraction after school if you put anything awesome in there. If it's a room where you can have fun, other students would want to join our school.

Firstly, having something fun or cool in the room would be noticed by other school's, and some students might come from other school's and join ours because of what ever is going to be in that room. I think this is a pretty good idea because if more kids join our school, parents would think there is something special about this school and those parents would want to put their kids in the school so the school's population would get even bigger! Think of the possibilities, if the school gets that much kids, we might get an award for "most kids in a school,".

Secondly, if you don't like that idea, how about putting something amazing. Anything amazing would be a good tourist attraction, our school will be noticed around the globe. I believe this is a great idea because our school will be so famous around the globe. Anyone from anywhere would come to see our school. Can you just imagine that, and you will be responsible for the whole thing (I am saying that in a good way). Everyone will drive past or walk past, even run past you and say "Hey you are that guy who owns that cool school,".

Lastly, How about putting both idea's into one idea. Anything fun AND amazing is an awesome idea in my opinion. Having tourist AND more kids from anywhere will be a huge success for the school. It will also bring more money so we can have fun stuff like more camps, maybe sossage sizzles, TWO fun runs in a year, 1 book fair every year. This school will be able to pull of so many possible things.

In conclusion, one room can be the key to the school's success. We could pull of 2 fun runs in a year, more sossage sizzles, 1 book fair each year, and even more camps. So please listen to what I have just said. I know you will make the right decision because you made the right decision not to eliminate morning interval, and if I was right about morning interval, then I'm right about this.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Thunder Skull Episode 6: The Dominator

You know something? Everyday it’s pretty much the same thing, some crazy scientist who wants to take over the world with electric thunder strikes, a super advanced alien invasion, you’re own classmates trying to take over your superhero job.  But this time, this time is just beyond the weirdo meter. A robotic genius........ scorpion? Man, since when did me & my allies become extras in Transformers?

“Inderpreet, just come and play WWE 13 already” my brother told me.
“NAH!” I replied.
“OH COME ON! You've seen Transformers 2 like 30 something times already” my brother said.
“THAT IS NOT TRUE...................................... 40 something actually..................” I replied.
“Whatever man, you're lost” my brother replied.
Suddenly I rushed into the bathroom. Locked the door and yelled
“I’M GOING TO TAKE A SHOWER not” and opened the secret door to my superhero base.
“WHAT!” Agent Marcus screamed.
“HA, just kidding, APRIL FOOLS! HAHAHA, even though it’s like the middle of August but still EARLY APRIL FOOLS HAHAHAHA!” I replied.
“That’s unfair, besides, there’s some robotic scorpion outside, FOR REAL!” Agent Marcus said.
“WHATEVER MAN, you can’t prank the pranker” I replied.
“He’s not kidding” Crighwolf said as he walked into the room with the rest of our team.
“Find then, I’ll go take care of it.” I said. At that point I leaved the underground base. I entered the outside world and found out that Agent Marcus and Crighwolf weren't kidding.
“UM.......... *cough cough*........... Scorponok(a Decepticon from TransFormers... 2...)?”
THUNDER SKULL. WHERE IS THUNDER SKULL!” The angry “Scorponok” dude said.
“Well looks like he’s not after us, peace out Inderpreet” said Agent Marcus.
“MEH, I can take him. HeYAAAAAAAAAAA!” I yell. *PUNCH* “I see stars” I mutter while I fall unconsciously.
SHOW OFF,” the Scorponok dude said.

5 seconds LATER!

“Thunder Skull....................... Are you alive” Crighwolf asked.

2 seconds LATER!

“Still nothing” Master Tevayunda moaned.

12 seconds LATER!

“Alright he’s dead, let’s go play video games” Master Zebhdiyah suggested.
“I AM DOWN WITH THAT” Elijahman yelled.

Half hour LATER!

“I hate you guys” I said as I walked in and then out of my superhero base.
“WHAT?” Ellis ca-dabra asked.
“I think I just saw Thunder Skull?” Crighwolf said
“So you are alive.” Said Master Zebhdiyah. I stopped and turned.
“Yes, that or I’m a ghost that’s gonna haunt your dreams for the rest of your life.” I replied. *PUNCH* “OW, why did you PUNCH ME!” I yelled.
“Just seeing if you were a ghost...... Which your not........” Master Zebhdiyah said.
“But you’re a Jedi, don’t you have like powers that can tell you if I’m a ghost or something.....” I said. Zebhdiyah just shrugged his shoulders.

“Zeb can you get me a soda?” I ask.
“WHAT, NO” Zebhdiyah replied.
“Find, then can you at least say something?” I ask.
“find, SOMETHING” Zebhdiyah and I said at the same time.
“JINKS! HA, now you have to get me a soda” I said. *PUNCH* “Seriously again?” I said.
“Whatever then, give me two dollars.” Zebhdiyah asked.
“Find.” Zebhdiyah said. I pat myself around my body.
“Hey wait a minute, OH MAN, I left my dignity back in Auckland city.


ANY MOMENT NOW...................” Scorponok looking dude said. BANG!
“YO, give me my dignity back, I already looked in Auckland.............. And, yeah.” I said.
HAVE YO CHECKED YOUR BUTT?” The Scorponok guy said.
“Huh? What? OH, no not yet.....” I replied.
“That does not sound good” *KICK* I tried to say as the Scorponok person kicked me in the face. I fell unconscious.



Fruit Shop Profit Math Task

Here is a presentation of room 16's math task on the 02. 08. 13. I hope you like it and please comment :-D.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Dragon Story

Dragon Story

The small dragon landed on my finger tips. It was a pencil sized dragon resting on my fingers, like a egg sitting in it’s nest. It started to fly and release dangerous flames around my room. The dragon had green and reptilian skin and traditional dragon wings with sharp points on the end. Suddenly, my dragon breathed huge flames and set the bathroom on fire!

I went up to my dragon and smacked him-bad idea! Because then he set my clothes on fire! But then, then my dragon did something amazing. Amazing? No, no, no............ NO! it did something incredible. It breathed out fire again but this time, the fire turned into ice. Well then, fight fire with fire.......... OK ice fire.

I patted my dragon but then my brother came in. he smacked me on the head and called me an idiot-bad idea!

Friday, 9 August 2013

Rhino, NO Rock, NO RHINO

Way deep in the forests and grasslands of Africa, a pride of lions are tramping there way to their home when suddenly, a suspicion rises upon three of the lions.......

“Come on, let’s go,”
“WAIT! There’s a rhino,” answered lion 2.
“No there isn’t, don’t be a idiot, idiot, it’s a ROCK!” replied lion 1.
“Maybe it’s a lionESS!” said lion 3...................
“Don’t be ridiculous, IT’S A RHINO. Any moment now it will attack us,” said lion 2.
Half Hour LATER!

“It is so a rock,” said lion 1.
“OH, REALLY? OK, OK. Then WATCH,” replied lion 2.
As the lion 2 walked closer and closer to the Rhino/rock/Lioness, fog raps the grasslands like it’s an air blanket covering the sky. Suddenly the other lions hear a loud CHOMP!
“Wow, lion 2 was right, it was a Rhino” said lion 1 and 3. Suddenly they heard enormous footsteps approaching them.
“OH NO, that rhino’s coming for us now!” said lion 3. The other lions heard a struggling voice. Lion 2 appeared out of the fog.
“Well then, who’s hungry?” said lion 2 as he dragged the dead rhino to his pride.

2 minutes of dragging dead meat LATER!

“So good,” said lion 2.
“Yeah, you were right about the Rhino,” said lion 1 and 3. Soon another member of their pride showed up,
“You guys are seriously gonna eat a dead lioness for food, that’s just sad man.” said lion 4. 
“Seriously?” asked lion 1, 2, and 3.
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