Thursday, 29 August 2013

Basic Facts Math Test Scores

These are my scores on each day of my classes basic fact math test, I put them on a bar graph using "Google Drive, Spreadsheet". the highest score to get is 25/25. To get our percentages, we must times the number of questions (25) by what equals 100, for example, 25x4=100, so if I got 24 I would times it by 4 to get my percentage, so 24x4=96, so my percentage is 96%, but if there were only 20 questions I would times my scores by 5 to get my percentages because 20x5=100. so that's how we get our percentages, makes sense right?

My range was: (25-23=) 2
My range was (%): (100%-92%=) 8
My mean was: 24
My mean was (%): 96
My median was: 23-25 
My median was (%): 96-100, I had 2 answers (but in a way I only had 1 answer) because their are only 10 scores, and the 2 middle numbers in 10 are 5 and 6.
My total was: 240
My total was (%): 960

In a test, to get a range you must take the highest score and takeaway the lowest score. To get a mean you must add all the scores together and divide them by the amount of people who did the test. And to get the median, well the median is the same as the middle, so find the middle number or percentage to get the median 

 I got 25/25 for 3 days, I might not have been the first one to get 25/25 (I was the second) but I still got the highest score on day 1 (24/25) and I would of gotten 25/25 on the first day but forgot to do one question but it doesn't really matter and I was still proud of myself for all my scores, even the 23's. 

What I Thought Of The Tests
I thought the tests were really fun and I would love to do more of these tests, I enjoyed the hard questions and solving them, I also liked working out the class means/medians/ranges.

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  1. You were fantastic all through these tests. You did well interpreting the data for statistics too.


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