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My Avatar

This is my avatar. We have avatars to protect our self from the internet. With avatars we don't don't have to show our faces on the internet, if you haven't realised already. There's always a profile picture when you have an account in anything-like You Tube, Blogger, Google Drive/Docs, E-Mail and the list goes on. The point is, with avatars no one will be able to see your face and you will be safe on the internet. 

This is my avatar

You might not know who it is yet. So I added a few details (on paint) to complete it.

Finished version.

You might recognize it from the awesome writing series on my blog. If you didn't recognize it's THUNDER SKULL! (Can you tell me which avatar you think is better?)

This is the site from where I made it from: Click here
If that's not good enough for you. Here's another version (in my opinion, the first ones better.): Click here

I hope you like my avatar so please comment.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Thunder Skull SEASON FINALE (Part 1)


I have updated episode 2 and 5, I no longer use the MEGA ATTACK.
It is important to know this because later in the story something important happens... Oh and the next part will be a lot more exiting...

“The time has come... It’s finally here...
The moment you have been waiting for... The final epic-sode...”

Thunder Skull
(part 1)
Every hero comes to an end. Every hero has it’s fall. This one will end... With a BANG.

“It can’t be...” Say’s Jedi Tevayunda.
“Thunder Skull?” Say’s Captain D:.
“Oh but it can be,” I reply. “There’s no time to talk... alright, there’s 6 hours so what is it? Oh and Zeb, I bet you think I forgot, you still owe me a soda,” I say.
“how did you manage to escape? We all saw you get hypnotised by that scorpion guy, and why are you all scratched up and slightly burnt?” asks Agent Black.
“Look, I’ll tell you. When you guy’s left I told the scorpion guy that I put a bomb on Captain D:. relax I didn’t. Then I told him to not let his guard down cause I planted it on him, then BOOM! The place came down in ashes I was just lucky to escape, but before I left a file caught my eye. I got it and left.” I say.
“I thought you were brainwashed to obey his every command?” say’s Jedi Tevayunda.
“You can’t brainwash me that easily.” I reply.
“What was in that file?” asks Crighwolf.
“This,” I say as I put the file on the table.

“Wait, who’s Storm Master?” asks Agent Black.
“An old enemy,” I reply. “and that’s not the only thing I found,” I put a bottle of what looked to be some sort of ooze on the table.
“What is it?” asks Ellis Ca-Dabra.
“I think it’s... Mutagen,” I reply.
“But we don’t have to worry right? I mean all our enemies are dead,” Say’s Master Zebhdiyah.
“I’m not so sure about that,” I reply. “It say’s that they attack in 6 hours,” I say.
“HEY GUY’S, I know this isn’t the right time but check out my pet alligator. I call him swampy,” say’s Jedi Tevayunda.
“O... K...” I say. Suddenly Swampy just started raging and hit the table with the mutagen on it. It flies through the air and, lands on, JEDI TEVAYUNDA!
“NYAHHH!” Yell’s Teva.
“DUN DUN DAAAAN!” Yells Agent Marcus as I hit him in the stomach with my elbow. 
“NOT RIGHT NOW!” I yell at him.
“Teva NOOO!” we all yell. “QUICK, we need to tie him!” I say, suddenly Elijahman get’s Teva throw’s him on the table and ties him to the table.
“That should hold him,” say’s Elijahman.
“What do we do with him?”  asks Agent Marcus.
“We must... Kill him,” I reply.
“WHAT!” Yell’s Jedi Tevayunda..
‘I’m kidding. BUT, if you become a raging monster we’re gonna have to kill you if we don’t find an antidote,” I say. “Anyway, like I was saying, or was going to say is that  I don’t think it’s over, not yet. What’s the point in creating a file, when no one other than Storm Master is alive to see it.” I say.
“Which means one thing...” Say’s Crighwolf.
“Commander Dead Skin must be alive as well.” Say’s Agent Marcus.
“Exactly” I say.
“AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Yells Jedi Tevayunda. Everyone rushes over to where Teva was tied up.
“AHHH!” Yells Tevayunda.
“What is it?” We all say as we run into the room.
“He does know we can’t see what he’s seeing right?” Say’s Captain D:.
“AHHH! THE FEELING, IT’S FREAKING ME OUT MAN!” Yells Jedi Tevayunda. Suddenly Teva got angrier!
“WHY ARE YOU JUST STANDING AROUND, DO SOMETHING!” Yells Tevaunda. It totally reminded me of “The Lizard” from “The Amazing Spiderman” movie... Only, Teva-ier (if you don’t get that, it means like, heavier, or uglier, so I said Teva-ier). Right at that moment Zebhdiyah rushes into the room with some sort of antidote, it only calmed him down.
“Mmm, tastes like apples!” Say’s Tevayunda. Swampy looked sad.
“Don’t worry Swampy, it’s not your fault,” say’s Tevayunda,
“Actually, it kinda is...” Say’s Master Tyrone.
“BE QUIET!” yells Tevayunda. All of a sudden Teva started mutating again, he grew bigger, and bigger, and greener, and bigger... And angrier... He started becoming more alligator type. his mouth started getting longer and his nose was moving on top of his mouth like an alligator.
“AHHH!” Yells Tevayunda.
“What is it now?” Say’s Agent Black.
“I think I just grew a tail.
“WHAT!” We all yell.
“Guy’s we gotta get ready, somehow it’s already been 2 hours,” Says Master Zebhdiyah.
“Really? I thought it’s only like 20 minutes,” Say’s Crighwolf
“Times that by 6 and that’s how long it’s really been,” I say.
“Zebhdiyah’s right, we have to gear up, the takeover starts in 4 hours,” Say’s Ellis Ca-Dabra.
“WHAT! Your just gonna leave me here?” Says Tevayunda.
“Well... Yeah, I mean you’re not really use full at this stage,” Say’s Captain-D:. Teva got angry again, his muscles got bigger and busted out of the metal rods he was tied down with.
“Since when did this discussion’s subject change to the Hulk?” Says Agent Marcus.
“Calm down Teva,” Says Crighwolf, suddenly Teva throws Crighwolf into the wall and yells
“YOU CALM DOWN!” Zebhdiyah gets some of his antidote, he throws it into Teva’s mouth and Teva FINALLY started to calm down... A little.
“Teva, wait here, we’ll gear up Zebhdiyah will make you an antidote that will cure you and you’ll be fine,” I say.
“BUT, BUT, this anger makes me a better fighter,” says Tevayunda.
“We know, but if someone makes you angry, we don’t want you throwing someone else into the wall now do we,” I reply.
I’M OK,” Yells Crighwolf.
“You mean like this” Say’s Tevayunda as he throws Crighwolf who just recovered into the same wall, again... Making a bigger hole in the wall.
“Even if I do throw someone at a wall in the battle I’ll make it Crighwolf so now one else has to suffer and Crighwolf already has so it won’t make that much of a difference...” Says Tevayunda.
“HEY! I can hear you know?” Says Crighwolf.
“I know you can,” Teva replies.
“I’m sorry Teva, we’re just gonna have to leave you here” I said.
“NO! Give me a chance, please!” says Teva sadly. We all looked at him, he started doing those puppy dog eyes that always makes me feel sorry for people...

“YAY!” Teva says as he shot up and hugged me, it felt weird, hugging a mutant alligator...


Friday, 15 November 2013

Athletics And Athletics Reflection

By Inderpreet

We arrive at the sports park ready for athletics, we grab our stuff and leave the bus. All the other classes except for room 18 and 19 were there. We sat down somewhere still thinking about the bulldog that was at Parkvale...

(40 Minutes AGO!)

“If you have to go to the toilet go now,” says Mrs. Roil. Me and a few other boys run to the toilets, then suddenly a random bulldog comes out of no where and starts chasing us. It went around where the school map was and hid there. I left and checked for the dog, I couldn’t see him but I didn’t take the risk of turning my back and I just boosted it to class. I sat down and the dog ran into class again.
“STAY STILL!” says Mrs Roil, but everyone is doing the opposite. I kept on moving away from the dog whenever it looked like it was coming towards me. Mrs Roil finally got the dog out of the class. Mrs Roil started telling us that it was unsafe to pat or touch a dog like that.
“YEAH! Because it might have rabies!” I heard someone say, everyone began cracking up.

We walked to the front field, the bus was nearly back, and so was the dog. Everyone from room 18 and 19 were patting it, Mr. Woon showed up with a rope. The dog ran away into the distance (around the corner...). The bus finally showed up. We screamed in joy and once again the dog showed up! It started charging straight towards Elijah and I. I braced for impact (and started panicking inside), the dog came close and went around me and Elijah and ran onto the road.

We hop onto the bus, we see it running down the road and then turn to the right side of Windsor Ave. The bus finally left and we were on our way to the sports park, we turned to the right side of Windsor Ave and saw the dog running down the foot path, everybody started laughing out loud
“LOL!” yelled Teva who was right next to me (and he didn’t say it like L, O, L, as separate letters, he said it like lol!). We passed it, we saw it went into a dairy! It then came out and crossed the road, it really was a smart dog because it looked both ways before crossing.

(15 Minutes LATER!)            

We get into our year lines (I was in year 6 boys), our first event was the 50 metre hurdles.     We get split into lines of 6. The whistle blew and I was of. I was coming first but the others are starting to pass me, I jump over my last hurdle and try not to come last but it was already too late.
“What place did you come?” Asks Daniel.
“Last, what about you?” I reply.
“Last. At least we tried and got points for our houses right,” Daniel replies.
“Yeah,” I say.

We head over to our the next event, the 100 metre run. It was more of a competitive race now. I was thinking before that I didn’t want to do the 100 metre run. Daniel and I noticed that the track was quite short but still kinda long.
“Let’s do this,” I say to Daniel. He agrees and we get put into our lines.
“TAKE YOUR MARK... GET SET... AND GO!” Yells Miss Hill. I race of, I was beginning to come last, but I didn’t want to let that happen again, I push myself and race in front of Marshal (who was in front of me), I pass Marshal and was ahead of him by about a metre, just than Marshal tripped over and landed hard on the ground, I felt like I should help him, but he pulled himself up and continued running, we reach the finish line and I came second to last (6th... or 7th). I was still proud of my self. I didn’t come first but I still got points for my house (Hoiho).

We head over to our next event-BUT FIRST! We head over to our bags and eat Late Morning Tea/Early Lunch.

30 Minutes LATER

We walk over towards the softball throw. Miss Paki was the teacher for that event.
“You can have a practice round first if you want,” Says Miss Paki. We have our practice round I nearly got it past the first cone but it didn’t make it. Same thing happened with Daniel. We finally got our real go and I threw the ball with all my might.
“IT’S GONNA MAKE, IT’S GONNA MAKE! It didn’t make it!” I say. The ball nearly made it past the first cone but once again it didn’t. I was disappointed but still pleased that I got points for my house. I headed towards Miss Paki to get my score and I got a one like Daniel, like I said I was just proud to get points for my house.

Our next event was the high jump. It was finally my turn and I didn’t make it over, I knocked the bar down like a few other people. I sat down with the other people who knocked it down.

2 Minutes LATER!

Once again it was my turn. I nearly made it over but I failed. After it was all over I got my score from Miss Joll. I got a one like I did on every other event.

It was now the 200 metre run. Something I was sure I didn’t want to do. All the boys sat down in front of Mr. Gifkins. He started telling us that we have to do it and we can’t sit this one out. I was forced to do this so I thought I should actually try and win it. I was in the first race. The whistle was blown and I raced off. I wasn’t having such a good time. It was already half done and I could see the finish line. Once again I was facing Marshal, I knew this was a race that I can’t lose, no more losing.
“AHHH!” I yell, i went beyond my natural speed, I went faster than what I usually would have gone, I pushed myself to my limit and ran way in front of Marshal. I was nearly at the finish line I nearly passed the person who was in front of me but I couldn’t. Just like in the hundred metre run I came second to last. I got one point and sat down.

We now walked over to our last event, the long jump. We get granted a practice jump. It was my turn and I ran as fast as I could (not as fast as the 200 meter run) and jumped onto the sand pile that was in front of me. When I landed I couldn’t stop walking but when I did I went back into the line for my actual jump.

2 Minutes Later!

It was my turn once again and I ran and jumped as far as I could. I was really proud because I made it past half way (and it was a long pile). I got a 2, my first 2 for my last score. Most people got a 2, and the people who got a 3 went into the finals.

1 Hour LATER!

The buses arrived and we were ready to leave. Some people even competed in a 800 meter run. I was too tired and couldn’t do it. My final score was 7 and I was ready too just go home lie in bed and rest... And then the dog came back into my mind...

Here Is a Reflection about Athletics day.

Something I was pleased with was that I didn’t back out of any challenge (except for 800 metre run which really wasn’t one of the challenges).
Because I really pushed myself and did good.

Something I enjoyed was the 200 metre run.
Because I just thought it was fun, plus I really pushed myself to not come last in that.

Something I enjoyed learning was how good are my skills.
Because I found out that i was actually quite good.

Something I found hard was the high jump.
Because I couldn’t land on my feet or back and the bar kept on falling.

Something I want to get better at is the high jump
What can I do about it? Practice jumping higher.


Every hero comes to an end.
Every hero has it’s fall. This one will end... With a BANG.


The ultimate showdown is coming this term.
There will be no mercy, there will be sacrifices that will blow your mind. 
There will be some new friends,
There will be a whole lot of rage.

Old enemies will return,
and one will join forces... For a while,

and there will be... EXPLOSIONS!

The darkness is rising, the light is falling.
This is

Written by Inderpreet.
Story plot by Inderpreet.
Special Thanks To: Teva for helping me with the ideas.
Thanks To: Everyone who let me use their superheroes in the episode.

IMG 1409 from Room16 Parkvale on Vimeo.


Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Boat Or Submarine

Title  Boat or Submarine  
Scientists: Inderpreet and Zeb.

Question/Goal/ problem
What shape of container will hold the most weight ?
My partner and I have decided to go with pan.

Hypothesis (The shape I have chosen and why I think it is the best shape)
Because it has a larger bottom, it can hold more coins and can float.

Container filled with water, modelling clay, old coins

Method (What I did)
Create a boat out of modelling clay.
I Fill the container with water.
Place the boat carefully onto the water so it floats.
One at a time, put coins carefully into the boat . Count how many coins are in the boat before it sinks.
Observation/ Analyse (What happened and why I think it happened)
It sunk because it got heavier and holes were formed.

Conclusion  (What I discovered about floating/ sinking )
The bigger it is the better it floats and it can hold more coins.

This is me and Zeb's container, it successfully held 5 coins!
Oh yeah, this is a pan alright...

Monday, 11 November 2013

Balloon Rocket

Balloon Rocket

A few day’s ago, we started a science rotation. We first did a science experiment with our teacher, than the next day we go to a different class and do one. The first class room 16 went to was room 15, there we did a science experiment called balloon rocket. We had fun doing it, this is what we had to do, enjoy reading and please leave a comment :-).

* Tape (duct tape works best).
* A balloon (the long ones work best).
* 15-20 feet of string.
* Straw (a straw that you use to drink milkshakes).
* And 2 chairs

Take the string and tie each end of a string to each chair but before you do that, put the string through the straw (the string should be separated as long as it can, if it goes beyond 20 feet, cut it so it is a length of 15-20 feet).

Next tape the balloon to the straw, blow the balloon but don’t tie it (don’t blow it too much or else it won’t work), just squeeze it so the air doesn’t come out.

Lastly take the balloon to one side of the string (make sure that the part you’re squeezing is next to the chair). Let go and see what happens...

What do you think will happen?
I think the balloon will fly across the string.

It glided across the string like I said, some people blew too much air in it and it went crazy when it was released and failed.

This happens because when the balloon is released, the air in it comes out and pushes the balloon across the string.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Race A Speedboat

Race a Speedboat
Can you make a paper boat race across the water just by gently touching the surface of the water?
Hypothesis (What I think will happen)
I think the boat will race forward a little (depending on how the boat is made).

Coloured card, washing up liquid, pencil or sharpie, scissors, large container of water.

Method (What we did)
We made a boat, put dishwash on our finger,put our boat in the water, tap the water behind the boat and it floated across the water.
YAY I'm nearly the end (the middle one)
Oh no Dylan's boat is falling apart (the red one)

Observation (What happened)
It floated  across the water

Conclusion (Why I think it happened)
Because the boat was on strong flat water, with dishwater liquid made the boat go faster but it raced forward because when you tap the water behind the boat it breaks the surface so the stronger side (the front) pulls it to more stronger areas, if you chased the boat with your finger it would run away and go fast because you're breaking the water behind it which makes stronger water pull it.  

Short Experiment to Follow Up
Make Metal Float
Gently place a paperclip on the water’s surface.

Hypothesis (What I think will happen)
It will float because it’s not that heavy.

Observation (What happened)
It floated, it made a dent in the water and made it’s way across the water.

Conclusion (Why I think it happened)
Because it was light, it didn’t sink, it was also on plane flat water, if the water broke (started splashing and making small waves) than it would sink.
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