Monday, 11 November 2013

Balloon Rocket

Balloon Rocket

A few day’s ago, we started a science rotation. We first did a science experiment with our teacher, than the next day we go to a different class and do one. The first class room 16 went to was room 15, there we did a science experiment called balloon rocket. We had fun doing it, this is what we had to do, enjoy reading and please leave a comment :-).

* Tape (duct tape works best).
* A balloon (the long ones work best).
* 15-20 feet of string.
* Straw (a straw that you use to drink milkshakes).
* And 2 chairs

Take the string and tie each end of a string to each chair but before you do that, put the string through the straw (the string should be separated as long as it can, if it goes beyond 20 feet, cut it so it is a length of 15-20 feet).

Next tape the balloon to the straw, blow the balloon but don’t tie it (don’t blow it too much or else it won’t work), just squeeze it so the air doesn’t come out.

Lastly take the balloon to one side of the string (make sure that the part you’re squeezing is next to the chair). Let go and see what happens...

What do you think will happen?
I think the balloon will fly across the string.

It glided across the string like I said, some people blew too much air in it and it went crazy when it was released and failed.

This happens because when the balloon is released, the air in it comes out and pushes the balloon across the string.

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  1. Great work Inderpreet!
    I like the picture of the balloon rocket,
    I also like how you put the method into your own words instead of copying the method from the method off the paper. Keep up the great posts!


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