Friday, 15 November 2013

Athletics And Athletics Reflection

By Inderpreet

We arrive at the sports park ready for athletics, we grab our stuff and leave the bus. All the other classes except for room 18 and 19 were there. We sat down somewhere still thinking about the bulldog that was at Parkvale...

(40 Minutes AGO!)

“If you have to go to the toilet go now,” says Mrs. Roil. Me and a few other boys run to the toilets, then suddenly a random bulldog comes out of no where and starts chasing us. It went around where the school map was and hid there. I left and checked for the dog, I couldn’t see him but I didn’t take the risk of turning my back and I just boosted it to class. I sat down and the dog ran into class again.
“STAY STILL!” says Mrs Roil, but everyone is doing the opposite. I kept on moving away from the dog whenever it looked like it was coming towards me. Mrs Roil finally got the dog out of the class. Mrs Roil started telling us that it was unsafe to pat or touch a dog like that.
“YEAH! Because it might have rabies!” I heard someone say, everyone began cracking up.

We walked to the front field, the bus was nearly back, and so was the dog. Everyone from room 18 and 19 were patting it, Mr. Woon showed up with a rope. The dog ran away into the distance (around the corner...). The bus finally showed up. We screamed in joy and once again the dog showed up! It started charging straight towards Elijah and I. I braced for impact (and started panicking inside), the dog came close and went around me and Elijah and ran onto the road.

We hop onto the bus, we see it running down the road and then turn to the right side of Windsor Ave. The bus finally left and we were on our way to the sports park, we turned to the right side of Windsor Ave and saw the dog running down the foot path, everybody started laughing out loud
“LOL!” yelled Teva who was right next to me (and he didn’t say it like L, O, L, as separate letters, he said it like lol!). We passed it, we saw it went into a dairy! It then came out and crossed the road, it really was a smart dog because it looked both ways before crossing.

(15 Minutes LATER!)            

We get into our year lines (I was in year 6 boys), our first event was the 50 metre hurdles.     We get split into lines of 6. The whistle blew and I was of. I was coming first but the others are starting to pass me, I jump over my last hurdle and try not to come last but it was already too late.
“What place did you come?” Asks Daniel.
“Last, what about you?” I reply.
“Last. At least we tried and got points for our houses right,” Daniel replies.
“Yeah,” I say.

We head over to our the next event, the 100 metre run. It was more of a competitive race now. I was thinking before that I didn’t want to do the 100 metre run. Daniel and I noticed that the track was quite short but still kinda long.
“Let’s do this,” I say to Daniel. He agrees and we get put into our lines.
“TAKE YOUR MARK... GET SET... AND GO!” Yells Miss Hill. I race of, I was beginning to come last, but I didn’t want to let that happen again, I push myself and race in front of Marshal (who was in front of me), I pass Marshal and was ahead of him by about a metre, just than Marshal tripped over and landed hard on the ground, I felt like I should help him, but he pulled himself up and continued running, we reach the finish line and I came second to last (6th... or 7th). I was still proud of my self. I didn’t come first but I still got points for my house (Hoiho).

We head over to our next event-BUT FIRST! We head over to our bags and eat Late Morning Tea/Early Lunch.

30 Minutes LATER

We walk over towards the softball throw. Miss Paki was the teacher for that event.
“You can have a practice round first if you want,” Says Miss Paki. We have our practice round I nearly got it past the first cone but it didn’t make it. Same thing happened with Daniel. We finally got our real go and I threw the ball with all my might.
“IT’S GONNA MAKE, IT’S GONNA MAKE! It didn’t make it!” I say. The ball nearly made it past the first cone but once again it didn’t. I was disappointed but still pleased that I got points for my house. I headed towards Miss Paki to get my score and I got a one like Daniel, like I said I was just proud to get points for my house.

Our next event was the high jump. It was finally my turn and I didn’t make it over, I knocked the bar down like a few other people. I sat down with the other people who knocked it down.

2 Minutes LATER!

Once again it was my turn. I nearly made it over but I failed. After it was all over I got my score from Miss Joll. I got a one like I did on every other event.

It was now the 200 metre run. Something I was sure I didn’t want to do. All the boys sat down in front of Mr. Gifkins. He started telling us that we have to do it and we can’t sit this one out. I was forced to do this so I thought I should actually try and win it. I was in the first race. The whistle was blown and I raced off. I wasn’t having such a good time. It was already half done and I could see the finish line. Once again I was facing Marshal, I knew this was a race that I can’t lose, no more losing.
“AHHH!” I yell, i went beyond my natural speed, I went faster than what I usually would have gone, I pushed myself to my limit and ran way in front of Marshal. I was nearly at the finish line I nearly passed the person who was in front of me but I couldn’t. Just like in the hundred metre run I came second to last. I got one point and sat down.

We now walked over to our last event, the long jump. We get granted a practice jump. It was my turn and I ran as fast as I could (not as fast as the 200 meter run) and jumped onto the sand pile that was in front of me. When I landed I couldn’t stop walking but when I did I went back into the line for my actual jump.

2 Minutes Later!

It was my turn once again and I ran and jumped as far as I could. I was really proud because I made it past half way (and it was a long pile). I got a 2, my first 2 for my last score. Most people got a 2, and the people who got a 3 went into the finals.

1 Hour LATER!

The buses arrived and we were ready to leave. Some people even competed in a 800 meter run. I was too tired and couldn’t do it. My final score was 7 and I was ready too just go home lie in bed and rest... And then the dog came back into my mind...

Here Is a Reflection about Athletics day.

Something I was pleased with was that I didn’t back out of any challenge (except for 800 metre run which really wasn’t one of the challenges).
Because I really pushed myself and did good.

Something I enjoyed was the 200 metre run.
Because I just thought it was fun, plus I really pushed myself to not come last in that.

Something I enjoyed learning was how good are my skills.
Because I found out that i was actually quite good.

Something I found hard was the high jump.
Because I couldn’t land on my feet or back and the bar kept on falling.

Something I want to get better at is the high jump
What can I do about it? Practice jumping higher.

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  1. Great Inderpreet!
    I like the part were the bulldog chased you,
    and the part were the bulldog was running on the path.
    Keep up the awesome posts! :)


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