Friday, 22 March 2013

Thunder Skull! Episode 1 Part 1: Origins.

A few years ago (about 1 or 2 months.) there was a regular 11 year old boy called Inderpreet, he goes to school just like every other 11 year old does but one day something terrible happened (more like a miracle) Inderpreet was shocked by a force of lightning by a evil man that goes by the name of “The Storm Master” he had a tube of lightning strikes for his plan of becoming the most powerful person in the world but then it fell & burst all over Inderpreet while storm (short for Storm Master) was flying over in his spacecraft the tube of lightning strikes hit him that's how he fainted. Inderpreet was unconscious for a moment then suddenly he woke up not feeling the same. He looked at his arm it was like there was some sort of electric force inside his arm (which there was), soon he looked around he was in the sick bay of Parkvale School (Inderpreet’s school), he knew he had been knocked out soon a teacher came in she said Inderpreet could go.

When Inderpreet got out it was lunch time, he saw his friends Daniel & Andrew, they grabbed their togs & ran to the school pool like an ordinary lunch. When Inderpreet hopped in he felt an electric force go through his body he nearly fainted but Daniel & Andrew made sure that didn't happen so they took him to the changing rooms & spilled water all over him to make sure he doesn't faint (a trick we learnt from TV).Inderpreet knew something weird was going on. Soon lunch time was over so Andrew, Daniel & Inderpreet got changed & went to their classes.

At 2:45 pm the bell went for everyone to go home, Inderpreets mum & his brother came to pick him up (his dad was working), they got in the car & went home. That night Inderpreet fell asleep feeling curious about what was going on. For the next few weeks Inderpreet never felt the same until one day Inderpreet met the guy who had made Inderpreet feel weird for the last few weeks. It was Storm, you will not believe this but Storm was the new teacher at Parkvale in fact he was Inderpreets new teacher. Inderpreet didn't even know who Mr. Storm (what Storm wants children to call him) was but storm knew who Inderpreet was. Inderpreet got into a lot of trouble for no reason seriously. (those of you wanting to get to the “exciting parts” JUST BE PATIENT!)

Later in the year Inderpreet found out who “Mr.Storm” was, soon Inderpreet found out his true powers & saved the city of Auckland from a lot of danger & I mean a lot of danger!

After a while Inderpreet thought of the name Thunder Skull in a way that he can’t remember (seriously I can’t remember!). Weeks had past & Thunder Skull was up for the challenge of facing the Storm Master. But when it was time there was a paper at Inderpreets house & on the paper it said something terrible on it..... 

                                                                            TO BE CONTINUED!


  1. I can't wait to read the next part of this story!!

    1. Well it's coming soon! Maybe in the next month probably not too sure yet but i'll defiantly put on my blog as soon as possible.

    2. Sorry it wasn't as exciting as viewers thought it it would be, but trust me the next part will be much more intense.

    3. Dear Inderpreet,

      Nice story i can't believe storm master stroke lighting at you.where you really the new kid.

      your penpal Chase

    4. I wasn't the knew kid this the only primary school I've actually learned in or something, besides i'm a year 6. (well you should probably know that.

  2. I love it Inderpreet. I think it is exciting and you have perfectly set the scene for many sequels. You should add a Thunder Skull label.

  3. My Mum was amazed by the writing she did the comment. Its great story I can't what for the next part of the story!!!

  4. Awesome story I wonder what the other part of the story is going to be like.

    You have a lot of great parts in this story.

    Well done Inderpreet.

    From Olivia

  5. Everybody guess what part 2 has began!


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