Thursday, 28 March 2013

Shield Art Coat Of Arms

Check out my coat of arms!

                  Room 16 had to do a family coat of arms & here's mine I hope you like it. :-D


  1. You are a very good drawer, Inderpreet. Your drawings tell stories. Your coat of arms represents many things about you. I like how you put a picture of your superhero on it.

  2. Cool drawings Inderpreet you are a amazing drawer.

  3. Thanks for the comments Mr. M & Emma, BUT WHY ISN'T ANYONE ELSE COMMENTING!

  4. Checked out your coat of arms Inderpreet. Thanks for sharing it. I particularly like how you made some of the sections look 3-D. The technology one looks like I could go right in and start playing. It looks like you have great interests and I wondered if you might like this youtube about artist Shaun Tan and how he gets ideas for characters and stories.


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