Wednesday, 26 June 2013

The Amazing Race

“HURRY UP, HURRY UP!” said my classmates all around me, well even I’m yelling that! We are in the middle of the “Amazing Race” at camp Kaitawa, I’m in my camp group “Titans”, we open the 1st clue, it says go to the netball court & spell someones animal name out of sticks & twigs. My group & Anthony (Olivia’s dad) (we each get a parent to help & guide us) decides to do my animal name; lion. We reach the netball court & grab some sticks & twigs, we make the word lion. 

We get our next clue, it says to have to go to the kitchen & make fudge.We reach the kitchen & start making the fudge, there was nothing to mix with so I said; “use our hands!” I said. Josh & Marcus do the mixing. We make the fudge & put it in the fridge. 

We earn the next clue. It says we have a choice to do either do Mr. Moriarty’s boot camp or a thinking challenge. A team decision; we all decide to do the physical challenge. There at the netball court, is Mr. Moriarty. He tells us to do 20 press-ups! only 2 of us have to do it, Josh & Marcus do the press-ups. Now me & Marcus have to do 20 star jumps.  

“Alright we’re done” says Josh. Now we have to go to the confidence course & conquer the big wall. Marcus goes first, has a little help from Josh & Hemani. I go next, Josh & Hemani help me  over. It was a challenge but we didn’t give up. “How about Anthony helps us” says Marcus. “”No, ‘cause we might need his help later & he can only help us once.” replies Emma. Josh & Hemani help me over & believe me we so far my team have been encouraging so much. I get over. Then Emma, then Hemani, then Josh. We open the next clue; it says to go to the hallway at camp & put together a puzzle. 

I help Josh open the envelope & get the pieces to the puzzle out. We start making it, Hemani was the one who found the most places to put the puzzle in. “Finally we are finished” said Emma. “You guys have been so encouraging to each other” said Anthony.

The next clue said to make 2 people in our camp group to get in the kayak & rechreave the next clue. Josh said he would do it, “I wanna do it except I’m not a fast kayaker”. I said. “neither am I” replied Emma. “Hemani’s probably a faster kayaker than me” said Marcus. “alright I’ll do it” replied Hemani. We try pushing the kayak into the water but we just can’t. “Anthony can you help us” said Marcus. “No you have to just keep on trying.” Anthony replied. “Find, we can do this” said Marcus.
“FOR TITANS!” I yelled, we pushed the kayak into the water,
“Alright, now that’s what I’m talking about” I said. I start a chant on the deck,
“LET’S GO TITANS, LET’S GO! *clap clap clap*, LET’S GO TITANS LET’S GO! *clap clap clap*” I chant. Marcus & Emma join me.

Josh & Hemani are back with the clue.
“great work guys” said Marcus. We open the clue with intense minds. It says; unscramble these words to find the final destination: awkl hte rwie rbigde.
“The first one must be lake” said Josh.
“No it can’t, there’s no “e”” replied Marcus.
“Marcus is right, & there’s a “w” in it” I replied.
Maybe it’s walk?” said Emma.
“It must be” replied Hemani.
We figure out what it says, “cross the wire bridge”. We run to the confidence course. We approach “the wire bridge”. We have gotten half way across. My foot slips. I fall. I was so close, but I collapsed just at the end. We make it across, & we find out that, WE CAME 3RD IN THE AMAZING RACE! We took a photo To bad I had my eyes closed! & walked back to camp; PROUDLY

Well today was the last day, but it was also the most FUN day at camp. We may have come in 3rd, but we don’t care, at least we had FUN! And there’s still the "Burma-Trail" coming tonight!            

Thunder Skull! Episode 5: Attack Of The Aliens PART 2?

Last time on Thunder Skull, episode 3. Thunder Skull’s hometown, Auckland, was invaded by... ALIENS! And that’s not even the bad part! Thunder Skull & his superhero friends were attacked by; COMMANDER DEAD SKIN (the so-called alien commander)! Thunder Skull was ZAPPED, into dust!

All that was left of me was my mask & suit. Suddenly the dust started to move. Something was beginning to form out of the dust. 
“Can it be; Thunder Skull?” Zeb, wondered. But it wasn't me, it was a portal; TO THE ALIENS HOME........ Planet? Or maybe galaxy well I don’t know & I don’t want to know!
“Look a jail” said Ellis.
“How can you tell if THAT’S a jail?” Replied Elijah,
“Because it says in English that they caught Thunder Skull” Replied Ellis.
“WHAT?” said 5 of my allies.
“Yeah, English IS the universal language” said Teva.
“No, Thunder Skull must be in there.” Replied Crighton.

“Hey man let me go!” I said to some alien.
“Nah” replied the alien.
“Find, then AT LEAST give me some close, I mean seriously, could you have NOT zapped my cloth here? I mean, the only thing I’m wearing is my underwear. Seriously, cut a superhero some slack, I’m practically naked!” I replied.
“Nah” replied the alien.
“Is all you ever say nah?” I asked
“Nah!” Replied the alien.
“Can you not say nah?” I asked.
“Nah” replied the alien.
Then I realised that it’s a not real. I thought it was holding me ‘cause that’s what it looked like to me, It must be a hologram. I roundhouse it & nothing happens. My leg went right through it! I decided to make a run for it. I run out to the main hall, & find. COMMANDER DEAD SKIN! Heh, bet you thought it was my allies.
“So YOU’RE the boy behind this, Thunder Skull I assume.”

We engage in battle, it was pretty hard ‘cause I was basically naked. I fight, but I get beat. I threw a punch but Dead Skin countered it & uppercutted me. I find  myself, lying on the ground, BEAT! And SO coincidentally, my allies arrive just then!
“It’s about time!” I say.
“OHH, really? No thanks?” Replied Ellis.
“You’ll get your thanks when we save the world........................................ And give me some cloth” I replied.
“Oh, we brought your WHOLE costume.” Said Elijah.
“AUUUUUU, YEAH!” I replied.
“It’s time to meet your DOOM!” Said Commander Dead Skin. The war, IS ON! Any type of fighting style that you can think of was being used in this WAR! I fired my nitro launcher several times. Marcus threw nuclear bombs all over the place. Ellis was throwing punches like a bolder smashing the ground, when it falls of a mountain. suddenly we combined our powers & struck him with EVERYTHING we GOT! But Dead Skin was only bruised in places that shouldn't be bruised. Dead Skin cut me with his razor sharp gauntlet. Suddenly a force went through my body. I was enraged. I attacked Dead Skin like no one has ever before. I had enough, I dropped my weapons and we fight, hand to hand combat.
"AHHH!" we both yell as we emerge in battle, the true fight finally began and believe in the begining I was getting my butt kicked LITERALLY! I had no choice but I used my NITRO LAUNCHER! I fire with no real options left.

When the ashes cleared out, Dead Skin was gone.
“AU YEAH!” Said my allies.
“Inderpreet, you did it” said Marcus.
“No, WE did it” I reply.
“Wait a minute, how gonna get back to earth?” asked Elijah.
“We BORROW, 1 of Dead Skin’s space cruisers.” I said.
“By borrow you mean steal right?” asked Crighton.
“Of course” I reply.

We approach Earth.
“Wait a minute, did you guys leave a alien invasion running around on the planet, while you guys come & give me my cloth, save me & save the world?” I ask.
“OH boy!” Says Zeb.
“Yes, oh boy indeed” I reply.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Camp Reflection

Reflection for Camp

My goal for camp was: To complete every challenge that came my way.

I achieved this because: I did not give up or  think I couldn’t do it.

Something I was pleased with was: Not missing out on anything & completing every challenge.
Because: I have barely done the stuff I did at camp, & there was never 1 moment where I didn’t have fun.

I really enjoyed learning: How to have a great time in the outdoors.
Because: I have never done what I did at camp before, except for a few events.
Something I found hard was: walking long walks.
Something that made me think was: giving up, or not? Doing this, or not? Also deciding what to do, “Lou’s look out” or the “Burma-Trail”?

Because: I had to think of my safety, or having fun? And I had to decide how to end the FINAL night of camp.   
· My top 5 favourite things about camp were:

Favourite Things
Reason Why
1. The Confidence Course.
It was really challenging but fun.
2. The Amazing Race
There was so much running & thinking & we had so much fun.
3. Rope Challenge/Caving.
I had so much fun doing it & the caves were a challenge, so that made it even more fun.
4. MasterChef.
My team won & we had so much fun.
5. Rock Hopping.
It was a awesome & fun experience.

My fave pic from camp:
Because: At this point, I had completed every single thing that had happened at camp, other than the Burma-Trail, which was going to happen later that night (& there are no photo's of the Burma-Trail). 

I hope you liked this & please comment :-).

Mr. G's Sports Field, Math

This was our math task, I decided to present my math on a Google presentation. I hope you like, & please leave a comment :-)!

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Thunder Skull! Episode 4: Attack Of The Aliens........ PART 1?

In some places alien invasions are a shock, but not in this town. (more like a city... It’s Auckland.) My name is Inderpreet. & there is NO WAY. That I’m going to go threw my origins here. Just check episode 1 part 1 & 2, it’s alot easier! Besides I’m kinda in a huge alien attack right now!

“AU MAN I HATE STAR tests”, (but in real life there all goods ) when suddenly a huge alien spacecraft came crashing RIGHT outside room’s 1, 2 & 3! (Glad there was no class there.) A bunch of alien creatures came running out & they actually spoke English surprisingly! “Take us to your leader” they said. (man that quote is so old) “SHUT UP” said-what looked to be the leader. “I AM COMMANDER DEAD SKIN..... And the captain!” said dead skin. (I knew he was the leader... or captain... or whatever. And dead skin SERIOUSLY, oh man this ain't gonna be a friendly fight) “I have come to this planet ‘cause I want to find the boy... THUNDER SKULL!” said Dead Skin. I couldn’t believe my eyes. (probably ‘cause I never told anyone except for Daniel & Andrew, my superhero partners & my family that I was Thunder Skull.) So I told my teacher I had to go to the toilet, so I got dressed as Thunder Skull & got ready to fight!

“AHH, there you are BOY” Said Dead Skin. “You want a piece of me? Well you’ll get 2 pieces”, suddenly I fired my nitro launcher, & here’s the cowardly part....... DEAD SKIN DIDN’T EVEN FIGHT, instead he unleashed his army of aliens on me! I fought them of, they didn’t even stand a chance. And if Dead Skin actually conquered a world or if these are his best men, than that is just SAD! Soon my superhero allies came. not like I didn’t need them. I mean these aliens are horrible at fighting.  Dead Skin ordered his minions to rechreat. It was 8 against over 50.
“Not much of a fair fight was it” Elijah man said.
“Yeah, for them” I added.

I was walking home when suddenly Dead Skin’s commander ship started attacking pedestrians. I acted quick. I got dressed as Thunder Skull & my allies also showed up. We started engaging battle. And believe me these guys were stronger than the last ones that attacked the school. “These guys are a lot stronger” Ellis said while struggling to fight.
“Tell me about it” Marcus replied. Suddenly Ellis finds a weak spot on the aliens................................ THEIR NEAK. Soon they’re ALL wiped out.

I was once again walking home when suddenly Dead Skin attacked me. And I was right, it was NOT a friendly fight! My superhero group once again comes & saves me. I see Teva with his back turned. I was fighting Dead Skin & Teva was about to be zapped with a vaporizing ray. I jump in front of Teva to save him (in all the fights I WAS in my Thunder Skull suit but not the WHOLE time though) I was zapped. And I was, GONE!


Thursday, 20 June 2013

Kereru Art & Kereru & Possum Facts

This is my Kereru art.

Here are some Kereru facts.

* Kereru lay 1 egg per nest.
* Both parents take turns to incubate the egg for over 30 days.
* Kereru can eat whole seeds & spread them over our forests (in New Zealand) in their droppings. This makes so many trees grow.
* Kereru are only found in New Zealand.
* Young Kereru fortunate to survive, can leave their nest after 6 weeks.

And here are some Possum facts.

* There is estimated to be only be 70 million possums left in New Zealand.
* Possums are pests in New Zealand.
* Possums were introduced to Australia in 1837 for the purpose of establishing a fur trade in New Zealand.
* Possums can live up to 14 years, but the average lifespan for a possum is 7 years.
* Possums have no natural predators in New Zealand.

Here is another photo of my Kereru art. I hope you like it & PLEASE comment.

Confidence Course

“Well that’s done” I say to myself as I cross the skipping stones or manhole like things at the confidence course. I reach to logs & monkey bars, & I complete them. I reach a wall,
“I don’t think I can do this” says Tyrone.
“I don’t think I can but I’ll give it a go anyway.” I reply. I climb the wall (it had holes in to put our feet & hands in. It REALLY helped) I push myself to the top of the wall, so does Tyrone. There, standing at the bottom was Mr. Moriarty. He asks if he can take a photo! I look at the camera & the photo is taken. After that I push myself over the wall & land hard on the ground, I continue.

I reach the next challenge it’s a triangle like wall, (It’s soo EASY!) I reach a few car tires. We have to go over, under, over, under until the tires stop. I struggle through but I make it. But now there’s something that I don’t think I can do. There, standing in front of me is a wall that has a a small side, & a BIG side.
“OH. Gooood, there’s an adult to help us over.” says Ellis. I get over the wall with some help from an adult.

Next came a log that didn’t look easy to cross. Lucky for me I play TMNT on PlayStation 2. I get across step by step. I reach a rope net wall (I don’t know what they’re called, spider web wall maybe). “It’s really challenging, but I can DO IT!” I say to myself. I get over the net wall & I start to run. I find a wire bridge. And there’s no line. I get a cross I nearly fall but I did it.

Sadly that was the end of the confidence course. When I get back to the

beginning I find out that we can go again! Liam is there & so is Richard (Cameron’s dad) I say something to them; “I wanna do that again” I tell them, & I do!

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Rope Challenge At Onepoto Caves

“OK, everyone who wants to go back to camp. Stand on this side. And everyone who wants to do the rope challenge stand on this side.” Mr. Moriarty said. I couldn’t decide which side to go to. I was tired & cold. But my camp goal was to complete every challenge. EVERY SINGLE CHALLENGE. Besides the rope challenge actually sounds REALLY fun. I decide to do the rope challenge.
“Inderpreet, are you doing the rope challenge as well?” Dylan asks me.
“Definitely!” I reply.
“Everyone going back to camp follow Mrs. Hill. And everyone doing the rope challenge come with me.” Mr. Moriarty said. We walk over to the other side of the cave. Mr. Moriarty started counting & naming everyone, so we know who is going & if everyone is here when we leave.

We walk into the cave & go down a ladder. Kids & parents were nearly at the rope. Ms. Hill was talking about going up a rope & going down it. I’ve gone down a rope before, but barely up one. When we stepped inside. I kinda wished I was still at the waterfalls!

We struggle our way through the cave. A microscopic but shallow river comes. Everyone cross the shallow water & get their shoes & socks SOAKED, while Dylan & me put our back against the cave & our feet on the opposite side & climb across. “WOAHHH!”  Suddenly Dylan collapses into the water. I become really nerves.
“I’m find......... I THINK!” Dylan replied. I make it across the water without getting wet.

“Inderpreet be careful there’s a really big hole that you do NOT want to fall in.” Dylan told me
“Thanks for the advice.” I replied. Finally it is my turn. I grip the rope firmly. I lean against the wall & take a step down. Ms. Hill guided me. I did what I was told. I put my foot on a rock. The wall stopped. I think I’m falling but I’m at the bottom. The next thing that we have to do is climb through a narrow gap. I make way in. Head first, feet last. I’m almost through.
UGH!” I yell. I think I’m stuck!

I struggle but I don’t give up.  
“I can do this. I CAN DO THIS!” I say to myself. I pull myself through the gap. I'm out, & ALIVE!
“Everyone turn off their torches.” Ms. Hill said. We turn off our torches & woahs echo the cave. Fascinated, we all stay quit. We are speechless. Glow worms, all over the roof of the cave.
“This is AMAZING!” Yelled Crighton.
“I know.” Replied Henry.

Soon we walk out of the cave.
“That was awesome, I’m SO  glad I did this.” Said Cameron.
“Everyday camp gets better & BETTER” Said Dylan.
“I know. I can’t WAIT for what’s in store for tomorrow!” I reply.
And now everyone feels like we can conquer every adventure that will challenge us, at this camp.      

MasterChef & Wednesday Reflection

“Quick someone crack the egg” shouted Josh,
“I’ll do it” I said, in about 5-6 seconds I cracked 2 eggs & put them in the pancake mix.
“Marcus you mix the pancakes I’ll find a place for us to cook them” said Josh. We were in the middle of MasterChef at camp Kaitawa, I’m in the Titans & we’re making pancakes for brunch. Earlier today a new speacailingreadiant was introduced to the teams, it was 2 dairy milk chocolates. Josh (the leader of our group) got an amazing idea, it was to grade the 2 chocolates & spread them over our pancakes when they’re finished. Marcus was finished mixing & we decided it was time to take them outside & start to cook them, I got the bowl of pancake mix, Josh got some plates, Marcus got a spoon or something like a spoon to put the pancakes into the pan. Hemani got our camp books. Emma was at our cooking area with Narrell (we got an adult with us, ours was Dylan & Tyrones mum). Marcus got to make the first pancake, but it was kinda small so we decided to make pikelets.

It was done, Narrell made the judges pancake. It was finally finished. “Hemani & Emma set up the judges plates with the pancake on it, I’ll cut some pineapple slices.” Said Josh.
“Me & Marcus will spread the chocolate on the pancakes.” I replied. We start working again. After a minute or so we’re done.
“YES! We’re done.” yelled Marcus.
“Quick get them inside” Replied Narrell. We go inside.
“Good we’re just in time”. I started eating my pikelets. I finally finish eating, the judges announced “You may eat our food now.” I was so happy that I could the food that we made for the judges. they tried it & I think they liked it so that means I’LL like them. We turned around & when we did MARCUS WAS EATING OUR FOOD! Me, Hemani, Emma, Josh & Narrell all yelled
“MARCUS!” We are mad. We are HUNGRY! Well not really ‘cause we already ate our food. I volunteered to clean our groups dishes.

“YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!” My team & the V8 Jelly Beans were happy. Suddenly Marcus ran up to me. He held my shoulders. He started jumping around. He started yelling,
“WE CAME 2ND, WE CAME 2ND, OH YEAH, WOO!” My mind blew up with excitement.
“Did we really come in 2nd?” I asked.
“YES! Take a look at the scoreboard.” Replied Marcus I took a good look. I am so happy. I started jumping around as well! I went outside into the dining room. I saw one of the V8 Jelly Beans & congratulated them on 1st place.

It’s been about 2 hours now & we are getting ready for lunch. We are making spaghetti sandwiches with mashed potatoes inside them. We waited patiently for the judges opinion. Everyone did. The judges told something to Mr. Moriarty. Mr. Moriarty wrote something on the board. Then he showed everyone. THE SCORE. We had WON. Titans had actually won. Well actually. We had TIED. In FIRST! It was Titans 17. And the Leopards. 17! I was telling my team before that “I think the Leopards should win. There presentation of their dish is AWESOME!” And I didn’t really care that we came in a tie. But I was glad that we are in FIRST place in the overall score!

We have just gotten back from the 800-1,000 year old Rata Tree. I climbed through it! Everyone did. But the walk was REALLY long. And REALLY steep.

We are ready for the dinner part of MasterChef. Me & my team are making meatballs, roast carrots with peas, roasted mash potatoes & noodles. I couldn’t really help cook 'cause I was washing the dishes, but I made a few meatballs. We added a secret ingredient. It was peas! I washed the dishes, & I actually washed about 10-17 dishes! I think I took about half an hour ‘cause (we are in lead so we got the shelter area to cook our food) the meatballs are done! The only thing left for me to do is fry the pineapples.

“We’re done. Inderpreet can you take the pineapples?” Josh asked me. “I’ll do it” I replied. We take the pineapples & rush inside. we start setting the food. We all set our food differently & whose ever's the best. They present that plate to the judges (Only we did that ‘cause it was our idea!). Mine was picked. We start eating. Soon we present the food. Everyone waits patiently for the judges opinion.

We made our dessert & apparently lightning bolts won.

There was so much tense. Finally. The judges announced their opinion. And we came................ 2ND! We were only 1 point away from 1st but then. We all realized something. Something that was shocking to the other camp groups. And dream come true. TO US! WE WON MASTERCHEF! My team is so happy. We are high fiving each other. We are so excited. We are yelling like animals. We walk to Mrs. Hill & claim our certificates. I’m so proud, of myself. And my team. We won, together. Teamwork, is what brought us to the top. Teamwork is what gave us, VICTORY!

And hopefully teamwork helps us in the future as well.

Something I Enjoyed Was: Climbing a Rata tree, especially the fact that it’s over 800-1,000 years old!

Something I Had Fun Doing Was: Living a day of “MasterChef”. Cooking the food by our self with an adults guidance made it even better than it ALREADY WAS!

Something I Found Challenging Was: Climbing & getting to the Rata tree.

Something I Was Proud Of Was: Winning “MasterChef”, it was so fun & I was so proud of myself & my team (Titans).
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