Thursday, 20 June 2013

Kereru Art & Kereru & Possum Facts

This is my Kereru art.

Here are some Kereru facts.

* Kereru lay 1 egg per nest.
* Both parents take turns to incubate the egg for over 30 days.
* Kereru can eat whole seeds & spread them over our forests (in New Zealand) in their droppings. This makes so many trees grow.
* Kereru are only found in New Zealand.
* Young Kereru fortunate to survive, can leave their nest after 6 weeks.

And here are some Possum facts.

* There is estimated to be only be 70 million possums left in New Zealand.
* Possums are pests in New Zealand.
* Possums were introduced to Australia in 1837 for the purpose of establishing a fur trade in New Zealand.
* Possums can live up to 14 years, but the average lifespan for a possum is 7 years.
* Possums have no natural predators in New Zealand.

Here is another photo of my Kereru art. I hope you like it & PLEASE comment.

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