Tuesday, 18 June 2013

MasterChef & Wednesday Reflection

“Quick someone crack the egg” shouted Josh,
“I’ll do it” I said, in about 5-6 seconds I cracked 2 eggs & put them in the pancake mix.
“Marcus you mix the pancakes I’ll find a place for us to cook them” said Josh. We were in the middle of MasterChef at camp Kaitawa, I’m in the Titans & we’re making pancakes for brunch. Earlier today a new speacailingreadiant was introduced to the teams, it was 2 dairy milk chocolates. Josh (the leader of our group) got an amazing idea, it was to grade the 2 chocolates & spread them over our pancakes when they’re finished. Marcus was finished mixing & we decided it was time to take them outside & start to cook them, I got the bowl of pancake mix, Josh got some plates, Marcus got a spoon or something like a spoon to put the pancakes into the pan. Hemani got our camp books. Emma was at our cooking area with Narrell (we got an adult with us, ours was Dylan & Tyrones mum). Marcus got to make the first pancake, but it was kinda small so we decided to make pikelets.

It was done, Narrell made the judges pancake. It was finally finished. “Hemani & Emma set up the judges plates with the pancake on it, I’ll cut some pineapple slices.” Said Josh.
“Me & Marcus will spread the chocolate on the pancakes.” I replied. We start working again. After a minute or so we’re done.
“YES! We’re done.” yelled Marcus.
“Quick get them inside” Replied Narrell. We go inside.
“Good we’re just in time”. I started eating my pikelets. I finally finish eating, the judges announced “You may eat our food now.” I was so happy that I could the food that we made for the judges. they tried it & I think they liked it so that means I’LL like them. We turned around & when we did MARCUS WAS EATING OUR FOOD! Me, Hemani, Emma, Josh & Narrell all yelled
“MARCUS!” We are mad. We are HUNGRY! Well not really ‘cause we already ate our food. I volunteered to clean our groups dishes.

“YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!” My team & the V8 Jelly Beans were happy. Suddenly Marcus ran up to me. He held my shoulders. He started jumping around. He started yelling,
“WE CAME 2ND, WE CAME 2ND, OH YEAH, WOO!” My mind blew up with excitement.
“Did we really come in 2nd?” I asked.
“YES! Take a look at the scoreboard.” Replied Marcus I took a good look. I am so happy. I started jumping around as well! I went outside into the dining room. I saw one of the V8 Jelly Beans & congratulated them on 1st place.

It’s been about 2 hours now & we are getting ready for lunch. We are making spaghetti sandwiches with mashed potatoes inside them. We waited patiently for the judges opinion. Everyone did. The judges told something to Mr. Moriarty. Mr. Moriarty wrote something on the board. Then he showed everyone. THE SCORE. We had WON. Titans had actually won. Well actually. We had TIED. In FIRST! It was Titans 17. And the Leopards. 17! I was telling my team before that “I think the Leopards should win. There presentation of their dish is AWESOME!” And I didn’t really care that we came in a tie. But I was glad that we are in FIRST place in the overall score!

We have just gotten back from the 800-1,000 year old Rata Tree. I climbed through it! Everyone did. But the walk was REALLY long. And REALLY steep.

We are ready for the dinner part of MasterChef. Me & my team are making meatballs, roast carrots with peas, roasted mash potatoes & noodles. I couldn’t really help cook 'cause I was washing the dishes, but I made a few meatballs. We added a secret ingredient. It was peas! I washed the dishes, & I actually washed about 10-17 dishes! I think I took about half an hour ‘cause (we are in lead so we got the shelter area to cook our food) the meatballs are done! The only thing left for me to do is fry the pineapples.

“We’re done. Inderpreet can you take the pineapples?” Josh asked me. “I’ll do it” I replied. We take the pineapples & rush inside. we start setting the food. We all set our food differently & whose ever's the best. They present that plate to the judges (Only we did that ‘cause it was our idea!). Mine was picked. We start eating. Soon we present the food. Everyone waits patiently for the judges opinion.

We made our dessert & apparently lightning bolts won.

There was so much tense. Finally. The judges announced their opinion. And we came................ 2ND! We were only 1 point away from 1st but then. We all realized something. Something that was shocking to the other camp groups. And dream come true. TO US! WE WON MASTERCHEF! My team is so happy. We are high fiving each other. We are so excited. We are yelling like animals. We walk to Mrs. Hill & claim our certificates. I’m so proud, of myself. And my team. We won, together. Teamwork, is what brought us to the top. Teamwork is what gave us, VICTORY!

And hopefully teamwork helps us in the future as well.

Something I Enjoyed Was: Climbing a Rata tree, especially the fact that it’s over 800-1,000 years old!

Something I Had Fun Doing Was: Living a day of “MasterChef”. Cooking the food by our self with an adults guidance made it even better than it ALREADY WAS!

Something I Found Challenging Was: Climbing & getting to the Rata tree.

Something I Was Proud Of Was: Winning “MasterChef”, it was so fun & I was so proud of myself & my team (Titans).

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  1. Great story Inderpreet especially the part when you all shouted at me when I ate the last pancake.
    Keep up the good work. ;-)


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