Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Camp Reflection

Reflection for Camp

My goal for camp was: To complete every challenge that came my way.

I achieved this because: I did not give up or  think I couldn’t do it.

Something I was pleased with was: Not missing out on anything & completing every challenge.
Because: I have barely done the stuff I did at camp, & there was never 1 moment where I didn’t have fun.

I really enjoyed learning: How to have a great time in the outdoors.
Because: I have never done what I did at camp before, except for a few events.
Something I found hard was: walking long walks.
Something that made me think was: giving up, or not? Doing this, or not? Also deciding what to do, “Lou’s look out” or the “Burma-Trail”?

Because: I had to think of my safety, or having fun? And I had to decide how to end the FINAL night of camp.   
· My top 5 favourite things about camp were:

Favourite Things
Reason Why
1. The Confidence Course.
It was really challenging but fun.
2. The Amazing Race
There was so much running & thinking & we had so much fun.
3. Rope Challenge/Caving.
I had so much fun doing it & the caves were a challenge, so that made it even more fun.
4. MasterChef.
My team won & we had so much fun.
5. Rock Hopping.
It was a awesome & fun experience.

My fave pic from camp:
Because: At this point, I had completed every single thing that had happened at camp, other than the Burma-Trail, which was going to happen later that night (& there are no photo's of the Burma-Trail). 

I hope you liked this & please comment :-).


  1. Camp sounds great. What was the Master Chef activity? Were you cooking in teams?

  2. Inderpreet really enjoyed camp, he was always telling stories about camp. He learned some cooking in MasterChef, & this reflection tells me that he had lots of fun & he's got a lot of confidence now.

    Comment by Inderpreets mum.

  3. What a great attitude you had for camp. This reflection confirms why you achieved the PRIDE award.


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