Friday, 14 June 2013

Night Detective & Tuesday Reflection

“I can’t see, Marcus. Is that you? It’s so dim.”
“Then turn on your torch & yes it’s me,” replied Marcus
“Oh, right”. In one flick I turned on my torch. “Man, at first all I saw was darkness, & now all I see is trees!” I said to myself. We were all alone, the Titans (my camp group), me, Josh, Marcus, Emma, Hemani & Bridget, Bridget was our adult for “Night Detectives” at Camp Kaitawa.

“Guys look what it says” said Hemani, at once, all of us said “Michael”. It was a message. And it was actually kinda creepy because the ghost of Kaitawa’s name is Michael! We  were all standing still. Our torches flashing at the laminated paper. We are shocked & feel like we don’t want to move. They don’t tell me that but I can see it by the way they’re standing there glaring at each other. “THERE’S ANOTHER PAPER” yelled Marcus. We go back & start reading what it says. “Noonan”, once again we have been shocked, It’s “Michael Noonan” said Emma, I could tell Emma & the rest of us were getting scared, & I couldn’t blame them I was kinda freaked out as well!

“Wait a minute” said Josh “doesn’t this look like Mr. Moriarty’s writing?”
“It does” I said,
“Well we can talk a little further ‘cause here comes the next team” said Bridget,
“Bridget’s right, let’s go” Hemani added.

Every step we take we get closer to figuring out the answer to the reason we’re out here & we also get closer to wetting our pants with fright! “Well it looks like this is the mystery, Michael Noonan welcomes you to camp may return on a full moon night have fun!” I said.
“I see light, well not really but I see the exit” said Marcus with excitement,
“ Great work” said Bridget.
“YAY WE MADE IT” said Emma happily,
“alive.” I added.

Suddenly we heard a voice. “Congratulations for completing the “Night Detective” guys, how about a quick photo?” It was Mrs. Hill. We got ready for a photo, “There’s probably someone who’s gonna come out of the bush & scare us” said Emma pretty scaredly.
“Probably MICHAEL NOONAN!” said Marcus trying to frighten her. We took a photo with Bridget,
"Now do one doing a scary face, so we did.

"Now do one doing a scary face", Mrs. Hill added, so we did.
And when we went to Mrs. Hill, she had a beetle kinda thing, on her CHEST! Right under her neck & she didn’t even notice, I backed away quick, I just hate cockroaches, beetles & the list just goes on! Bridget flicked it of Mrs. Hill’s chest, she said we can walk back to camp now.

And we walked away alright, FAST! We caught up to the V8 Jelly Beans. So far all we have thought about was Michael Noonan. “Maybe Michael NOONAN will come around the corner & scare us” said Marcus.
“Man if he came around the corner & scared  me I would run away from him like he’s a hungry lion!” I added
“he actually sounds scarier than a hungry lion!” moaned Marcus, “don’t be such babies” added Josh.
“GUYS WE’RE HERE!” said Emma,
“Hu, so I guess no one was gonna jump around the corner & scare, AHHHHHHHHHHH! MICHAEL NOONAN, AHHHHHHHHH! He-he, just kidding”. I replied.

We stepped inside & walked into the kitchen, we were the 2nd group finished, Mr. M  was there, “write down what you saw on the papers in the forest” he told us. So we did. Michael Noonan welcomes you to camp may return on a full moon night have fun. He said we were wrong! He said we missed Kaitawa & he.

“Well at least we had fun.............................” I said cheerfully. Everyone was staring at me. “Well we didn’t actually......................... OK well I did”.
“I had fun” replied Josh.
“So did I”. Added Hemani.
“Who didn’t have fun” Marcus added.
“It was scary. But FUN” Emma replied.

It was over & we got ready for dinner, & tonight was a night that I will never, forget.

Tuesday Reflection                

Something I Enjoyed Was: Touching a baby Kiwi for the first time

Something I Had Fun Doing Was: Rock climbing........................ Well rock hopping.

Something I Found Challenging Was: Walking to the rock climbing area & back, because it was a really steep track.

Something I Was Proud Of Was: My bravery & never give up attitude at rock hopping.

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  1. Great work Inderpreet!
    Great reflection on Tuesday,
    rock hopping was fun and exciting.
    awesome start off!
    Keep up the good work!


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