Wednesday, 26 June 2013

The Amazing Race

“HURRY UP, HURRY UP!” said my classmates all around me, well even I’m yelling that! We are in the middle of the “Amazing Race” at camp Kaitawa, I’m in my camp group “Titans”, we open the 1st clue, it says go to the netball court & spell someones animal name out of sticks & twigs. My group & Anthony (Olivia’s dad) (we each get a parent to help & guide us) decides to do my animal name; lion. We reach the netball court & grab some sticks & twigs, we make the word lion. 

We get our next clue, it says to have to go to the kitchen & make fudge.We reach the kitchen & start making the fudge, there was nothing to mix with so I said; “use our hands!” I said. Josh & Marcus do the mixing. We make the fudge & put it in the fridge. 

We earn the next clue. It says we have a choice to do either do Mr. Moriarty’s boot camp or a thinking challenge. A team decision; we all decide to do the physical challenge. There at the netball court, is Mr. Moriarty. He tells us to do 20 press-ups! only 2 of us have to do it, Josh & Marcus do the press-ups. Now me & Marcus have to do 20 star jumps.  

“Alright we’re done” says Josh. Now we have to go to the confidence course & conquer the big wall. Marcus goes first, has a little help from Josh & Hemani. I go next, Josh & Hemani help me  over. It was a challenge but we didn’t give up. “How about Anthony helps us” says Marcus. “”No, ‘cause we might need his help later & he can only help us once.” replies Emma. Josh & Hemani help me over & believe me we so far my team have been encouraging so much. I get over. Then Emma, then Hemani, then Josh. We open the next clue; it says to go to the hallway at camp & put together a puzzle. 

I help Josh open the envelope & get the pieces to the puzzle out. We start making it, Hemani was the one who found the most places to put the puzzle in. “Finally we are finished” said Emma. “You guys have been so encouraging to each other” said Anthony.

The next clue said to make 2 people in our camp group to get in the kayak & rechreave the next clue. Josh said he would do it, “I wanna do it except I’m not a fast kayaker”. I said. “neither am I” replied Emma. “Hemani’s probably a faster kayaker than me” said Marcus. “alright I’ll do it” replied Hemani. We try pushing the kayak into the water but we just can’t. “Anthony can you help us” said Marcus. “No you have to just keep on trying.” Anthony replied. “Find, we can do this” said Marcus.
“FOR TITANS!” I yelled, we pushed the kayak into the water,
“Alright, now that’s what I’m talking about” I said. I start a chant on the deck,
“LET’S GO TITANS, LET’S GO! *clap clap clap*, LET’S GO TITANS LET’S GO! *clap clap clap*” I chant. Marcus & Emma join me.

Josh & Hemani are back with the clue.
“great work guys” said Marcus. We open the clue with intense minds. It says; unscramble these words to find the final destination: awkl hte rwie rbigde.
“The first one must be lake” said Josh.
“No it can’t, there’s no “e”” replied Marcus.
“Marcus is right, & there’s a “w” in it” I replied.
Maybe it’s walk?” said Emma.
“It must be” replied Hemani.
We figure out what it says, “cross the wire bridge”. We run to the confidence course. We approach “the wire bridge”. We have gotten half way across. My foot slips. I fall. I was so close, but I collapsed just at the end. We make it across, & we find out that, WE CAME 3RD IN THE AMAZING RACE! We took a photo To bad I had my eyes closed! & walked back to camp; PROUDLY

Well today was the last day, but it was also the most FUN day at camp. We may have come in 3rd, but we don’t care, at least we had FUN! And there’s still the "Burma-Trail" coming tonight!            


  1. This sounds so cool, I mean, I can feel the excitement and the anxiousness to finish the race. It was amazing how you make so many descriptions and details. It was also good that you guys only cared about having fun instead of being so competitive that it got in the way of your fun. I like your blog and how you put pictures to let us see what you guys were doing, like action shots.

    1. Thanks for your comment, we were competitive, it's just that having fun was more important.

  2. Cool Inderpreet! That's funny when you were closing your eyes.


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