Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Rope Challenge At Onepoto Caves

“OK, everyone who wants to go back to camp. Stand on this side. And everyone who wants to do the rope challenge stand on this side.” Mr. Moriarty said. I couldn’t decide which side to go to. I was tired & cold. But my camp goal was to complete every challenge. EVERY SINGLE CHALLENGE. Besides the rope challenge actually sounds REALLY fun. I decide to do the rope challenge.
“Inderpreet, are you doing the rope challenge as well?” Dylan asks me.
“Definitely!” I reply.
“Everyone going back to camp follow Mrs. Hill. And everyone doing the rope challenge come with me.” Mr. Moriarty said. We walk over to the other side of the cave. Mr. Moriarty started counting & naming everyone, so we know who is going & if everyone is here when we leave.

We walk into the cave & go down a ladder. Kids & parents were nearly at the rope. Ms. Hill was talking about going up a rope & going down it. I’ve gone down a rope before, but barely up one. When we stepped inside. I kinda wished I was still at the waterfalls!

We struggle our way through the cave. A microscopic but shallow river comes. Everyone cross the shallow water & get their shoes & socks SOAKED, while Dylan & me put our back against the cave & our feet on the opposite side & climb across. “WOAHHH!”  Suddenly Dylan collapses into the water. I become really nerves.
“I’m find......... I THINK!” Dylan replied. I make it across the water without getting wet.

“Inderpreet be careful there’s a really big hole that you do NOT want to fall in.” Dylan told me
“Thanks for the advice.” I replied. Finally it is my turn. I grip the rope firmly. I lean against the wall & take a step down. Ms. Hill guided me. I did what I was told. I put my foot on a rock. The wall stopped. I think I’m falling but I’m at the bottom. The next thing that we have to do is climb through a narrow gap. I make way in. Head first, feet last. I’m almost through.
UGH!” I yell. I think I’m stuck!

I struggle but I don’t give up.  
“I can do this. I CAN DO THIS!” I say to myself. I pull myself through the gap. I'm out, & ALIVE!
“Everyone turn off their torches.” Ms. Hill said. We turn off our torches & woahs echo the cave. Fascinated, we all stay quit. We are speechless. Glow worms, all over the roof of the cave.
“This is AMAZING!” Yelled Crighton.
“I know.” Replied Henry.

Soon we walk out of the cave.
“That was awesome, I’m SO  glad I did this.” Said Cameron.
“Everyday camp gets better & BETTER” Said Dylan.
“I know. I can’t WAIT for what’s in store for tomorrow!” I reply.
And now everyone feels like we can conquer every adventure that will challenge us, at this camp.      


  1. WOW Inderpreet!!!
    it is really really really cool.

  2. What a great post Inderpreet!
    It really sounded like it was happening,
    you made the story come to life when you said that Dylan fell into the water. Cool pictures, you have heaps of speeches in the story.
    Keep up the good work!

  3. Cool Inderpreet where you scared or not scared in the caves when you were trying to get out?

  4. Wow Inderpreet. The rope challenge sounds really fun. After you completed the rope challenge. What did you think of the glow worms because I want to know how bright they were. Well done.

  5. Great story Inderpreet. Did I really say that I can't remembered? Well I think i did. I tried climbing on the walls but I ended up like Dylan. So I ran thorough the water. It felt so gross and slimy. Keep up the great work.


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