Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Thunder Skull! Episode 5: Attack Of The Aliens PART 2?

Last time on Thunder Skull, episode 3. Thunder Skull’s hometown, Auckland, was invaded by... ALIENS! And that’s not even the bad part! Thunder Skull & his superhero friends were attacked by; COMMANDER DEAD SKIN (the so-called alien commander)! Thunder Skull was ZAPPED, into dust!

All that was left of me was my mask & suit. Suddenly the dust started to move. Something was beginning to form out of the dust. 
“Can it be; Thunder Skull?” Zeb, wondered. But it wasn't me, it was a portal; TO THE ALIENS HOME........ Planet? Or maybe galaxy well I don’t know & I don’t want to know!
“Look a jail” said Ellis.
“How can you tell if THAT’S a jail?” Replied Elijah,
“Because it says in English that they caught Thunder Skull” Replied Ellis.
“WHAT?” said 5 of my allies.
“Yeah, English IS the universal language” said Teva.
“No, Thunder Skull must be in there.” Replied Crighton.

“Hey man let me go!” I said to some alien.
“Nah” replied the alien.
“Find, then AT LEAST give me some close, I mean seriously, could you have NOT zapped my cloth here? I mean, the only thing I’m wearing is my underwear. Seriously, cut a superhero some slack, I’m practically naked!” I replied.
“Nah” replied the alien.
“Is all you ever say nah?” I asked
“Nah!” Replied the alien.
“Can you not say nah?” I asked.
“Nah” replied the alien.
Then I realised that it’s a not real. I thought it was holding me ‘cause that’s what it looked like to me, It must be a hologram. I roundhouse it & nothing happens. My leg went right through it! I decided to make a run for it. I run out to the main hall, & find. COMMANDER DEAD SKIN! Heh, bet you thought it was my allies.
“So YOU’RE the boy behind this, Thunder Skull I assume.”

We engage in battle, it was pretty hard ‘cause I was basically naked. I fight, but I get beat. I threw a punch but Dead Skin countered it & uppercutted me. I find  myself, lying on the ground, BEAT! And SO coincidentally, my allies arrive just then!
“It’s about time!” I say.
“OHH, really? No thanks?” Replied Ellis.
“You’ll get your thanks when we save the world........................................ And give me some cloth” I replied.
“Oh, we brought your WHOLE costume.” Said Elijah.
“AUUUUUU, YEAH!” I replied.
“It’s time to meet your DOOM!” Said Commander Dead Skin. The war, IS ON! Any type of fighting style that you can think of was being used in this WAR! I fired my nitro launcher several times. Marcus threw nuclear bombs all over the place. Ellis was throwing punches like a bolder smashing the ground, when it falls of a mountain. suddenly we combined our powers & struck him with EVERYTHING we GOT! But Dead Skin was only bruised in places that shouldn't be bruised. Dead Skin cut me with his razor sharp gauntlet. Suddenly a force went through my body. I was enraged. I attacked Dead Skin like no one has ever before. I had enough, I dropped my weapons and we fight, hand to hand combat.
"AHHH!" we both yell as we emerge in battle, the true fight finally began and believe in the begining I was getting my butt kicked LITERALLY! I had no choice but I used my NITRO LAUNCHER! I fire with no real options left.

When the ashes cleared out, Dead Skin was gone.
“AU YEAH!” Said my allies.
“Inderpreet, you did it” said Marcus.
“No, WE did it” I reply.
“Wait a minute, how gonna get back to earth?” asked Elijah.
“We BORROW, 1 of Dead Skin’s space cruisers.” I said.
“By borrow you mean steal right?” asked Crighton.
“Of course” I reply.

We approach Earth.
“Wait a minute, did you guys leave a alien invasion running around on the planet, while you guys come & give me my cloth, save me & save the world?” I ask.
“OH boy!” Says Zeb.
“Yes, oh boy indeed” I reply.


  1. HA HA HA!Very funny Inderpreet, especially the end but saying you were only in your under wear was just wrong, so why can't you be in your school cloths.
    But great story though.
    Well done. :-)

  2. That's funny Inderpreet. Cool job Inderpreet!

  3. Wow!!!! that story is funny.
    It is an amazing adventure. Great job.


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