Thursday, 20 June 2013

Confidence Course

“Well that’s done” I say to myself as I cross the skipping stones or manhole like things at the confidence course. I reach to logs & monkey bars, & I complete them. I reach a wall,
“I don’t think I can do this” says Tyrone.
“I don’t think I can but I’ll give it a go anyway.” I reply. I climb the wall (it had holes in to put our feet & hands in. It REALLY helped) I push myself to the top of the wall, so does Tyrone. There, standing at the bottom was Mr. Moriarty. He asks if he can take a photo! I look at the camera & the photo is taken. After that I push myself over the wall & land hard on the ground, I continue.

I reach the next challenge it’s a triangle like wall, (It’s soo EASY!) I reach a few car tires. We have to go over, under, over, under until the tires stop. I struggle through but I make it. But now there’s something that I don’t think I can do. There, standing in front of me is a wall that has a a small side, & a BIG side.
“OH. Gooood, there’s an adult to help us over.” says Ellis. I get over the wall with some help from an adult.

Next came a log that didn’t look easy to cross. Lucky for me I play TMNT on PlayStation 2. I get across step by step. I reach a rope net wall (I don’t know what they’re called, spider web wall maybe). “It’s really challenging, but I can DO IT!” I say to myself. I get over the net wall & I start to run. I find a wire bridge. And there’s no line. I get a cross I nearly fall but I did it.

Sadly that was the end of the confidence course. When I get back to the

beginning I find out that we can go again! Liam is there & so is Richard (Cameron’s dad) I say something to them; “I wanna do that again” I tell them, & I do!

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