Friday, 9 August 2013

Rhino, NO Rock, NO RHINO

Way deep in the forests and grasslands of Africa, a pride of lions are tramping there way to their home when suddenly, a suspicion rises upon three of the lions.......

“Come on, let’s go,”
“WAIT! There’s a rhino,” answered lion 2.
“No there isn’t, don’t be a idiot, idiot, it’s a ROCK!” replied lion 1.
“Maybe it’s a lionESS!” said lion 3...................
“Don’t be ridiculous, IT’S A RHINO. Any moment now it will attack us,” said lion 2.
Half Hour LATER!

“It is so a rock,” said lion 1.
“OH, REALLY? OK, OK. Then WATCH,” replied lion 2.
As the lion 2 walked closer and closer to the Rhino/rock/Lioness, fog raps the grasslands like it’s an air blanket covering the sky. Suddenly the other lions hear a loud CHOMP!
“Wow, lion 2 was right, it was a Rhino” said lion 1 and 3. Suddenly they heard enormous footsteps approaching them.
“OH NO, that rhino’s coming for us now!” said lion 3. The other lions heard a struggling voice. Lion 2 appeared out of the fog.
“Well then, who’s hungry?” said lion 2 as he dragged the dead rhino to his pride.

2 minutes of dragging dead meat LATER!

“So good,” said lion 2.
“Yeah, you were right about the Rhino,” said lion 1 and 3. Soon another member of their pride showed up,
“You guys are seriously gonna eat a dead lioness for food, that’s just sad man.” said lion 4. 
“Seriously?” asked lion 1, 2, and 3.


  1. Wow Inderpreet!
    Your Rhino/rock/lioness was pretty funny,
    great work on the story!
    I thought the lion got eaten when lion 1 and 3 heard CHOMP!
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Awesome Inderpreet
    well done.

  3. Good post Inderpreet!Keep up the good work.


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