Thursday, 11 July 2013


Me and my class were in the middle of math when suddenly *SHAKE SHAKE*
What is that?” Someone said.
“Hehe, you sound so funny” someone else said.
“GET UNDER THE TABLE” Ellis and I yelled.
JINKS!” I muttered under my breathe.

About 20 seconds LATER!

“The bells ringing” someone moaned.
“I think we know!” someone else replied.
“Don’t be silly, now get outside and line up” Mr. Severinsen  said. We walked outside, everyone was screaming and yelling.
“UM.... Marcus, you think at least one of the juniors is just about crying or really scared?” I asked.
“Maybe” Marcus replied.

All the classes did the roll and we got told that it was not right to come outside and it was safer to stay inside and hide under a table. Soon we all left talking and moaning back to class, while I was repeating one thing;

Did you know?

This earthquake was 4.9 but it’s intensity was moderate.


  1. Cool work Inderpreet.
    That is a well done.
    Good job of the blogger this one is amazing .

  2. good inderpreet!
    I like how you put all of the action in your story
    keep it up!


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