Wednesday, 10 July 2013

New Zealand Falcon Information Report

The New Zealand Falcon

The New Zealand falcon (Karearea) is thought as an aggressive bird but is actually such an amazing creature. And as much as you know about the New Zealand falcon, I’m writing this report to show you that there’s probably more to the New Zealand falcon then you could ever know.

The New Zealand falcon is 47 cm in height and weighs only 50g! But for it’s height and weight, it’s really actually an aggressive and tough bird. The NZ falcon has no weapon to hunt, but it’s claws. The New Zealand falcons claws are razor sharp steel like and can injure and kill its prey easily. The Karearea is a beautiful bird. It’s wings are a yellow and white, black dotted pattern.   

When the Karearea goes hunting, it hunts by sitting on a high perch in the countryside. When it’s prey is spotted, the NZ falcon dives down in speeds of a 180 km’s. Then when it’s close enough the Karearea strikes it’s prey with it’s claws. Sometimes, the NZ falcon even sits close to a nest that has eggs, when the parent of the egg isn’t nearby, the Karearea steals the egg to make it it’s snack, or it can wait until the bird has hatched and the NZ falcon will feast on baby bird.

What It Eats
The New Zealand falcon’s diet is known to be large insects, rodents, lizards and even other small birds. But as the New Zealand falcon is one of the most dangerous birds in New Zealand, it was actually shot and killed when it was seen as a threat to human and bird-life in New Zealand. Until 1970, when it became a protected bird.

both parents incubate the eggs, but before the NZ falcons settle down and nest, they perform a exciting courtship dance. It includes diving/swooping, chasing cliff races and all kinds bird fun!

In conclusion, the Karearea is a dangerous bird killing falcon, but is also much more and can have a great and wonderful life. And of course, don't kill this bird as soon as you see it, because it's not like there's millions of them because they are endemic to New Zealand.

The New Zealand Falcon.

This diagram was drawn by me.

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  1. Great report Inderpreet. You did the same animal as me.
    Keep up the great work.


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