Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Thunder Skull Episode 7: The Dominator... PART 2!

On Thunder Skull

“There’s a robotic scorpion outside, FOR REAL!” Agent Marcus said
“Yeah right,” I replied.
“He’s not kidding,” Crighwolf said.

“Scorponok?”I said

“Thunder Skull went to get his “Dignity” back, but he never came back” said Elijahman
“Come on we have to find Thunder Skull,” said Elijahman,
I was lying unconscious at the feet of the Scorponok dude.
Now (breathes heavily), you will obey me, and only (breathes heavily) ME!
I stood up not knowing what I was doing, I was still knocked out inside.
“Yes, MASTER,” I replied.
My team arrived surprised (but not really... They probably knew this was coming...), I attacked them. I wasted all of them without even trying.
Someone crashed through the roof and started attacking me. I knew who he was.
“DYLAN, It’s been awhile,” I said on the outside.
“It’s CAPTAIN D: (Captain-D) to you, and I didn’t come alone,” Captain D: said. Suddenly Master Tyrone crashed through the roof. Dylan threw his shield at me
I fall down but I wasn’t finished. I threw my grenades at them both that I got from that commander dead skins planet... WOAH WAIT... When did I steal the grenades from THAT planet, oh well? I threw the grenades, the twins are a tough fight, but I’m not known for giving up. I had one grenade left. I threw it and an explosion filled the air, flames everywhere. The smoke cleared and my allies were gone.
You let them get AWAY!” Said the Scorponok guy, he still hasn’t even told me his name, but I found it best not to ask.
“Hey atleast I was trying,” I said. “Besides I planted a bomb on Captain D:,
Oh really?” Scorponok replied.
“Well yeah, I mean, I just told you...” I replied, “but you shouldn’t let your guard down, ‘cause I might of just planted it on... YOU,” I say. I pull out a remote from my back and say “bombs away scorpo,” *BOOM*. the whole place came down in ashes, with me in it.

“Thanks for saving us,” said Agent Marcus.
“Yeah, but we couldn’t save Thunder Skull,” Said Jedi Tevayunda.
“You guys were awesome, how about we make you the new leaders?” says Agent Marcus.
“Alright then,” Captain D: replied.
“I didn’t realise how powerful Thunder Skull is,” said Master Zebhdiyah.
“It’s going to be the fight of our lives taking the 2 on by ourselves,” says Crighwolf.
“But we’ll do it, no matter the cost, any sacrifice will be considered. And you DON’T have to worry, you got me and Dylan now,” says Master Tyrone.
“That scorpion guy was able to take down Thunder Skull, imagine how strong he could be,” said Elijahman.
“How strong he would of be,” says a mysterious voice.
“No, it can’t be,” says Jedi Tevayunda.
“Thunder Skull?” says Captain D:


  1. Wow Inderpreet I like your story so much.
    It action packed and everything!
    I like your drawing.
    Keep it up.

    1. Thanks Zach, the same thing about your stories. When is the next part of your story coming? Thanks or the comment Zach :-).

  2. Awesome story Inderpreet!
    I like how you stopped at were it was getting really interesting,
    I also like the picture of thunder skull of when he comes out without his mask.
    Is the picture of thunder skull?
    Keep up the great posts!

    1. The picture at the end was Thunder Skulls mask scratched and ripped up because of the explosion. I am Thunder Skull, and thanks for commenting.

  3. Awesome story Inderpreet, the picture looked awesome and... CREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPY...
    Keep up the good work.:-)

    1. Thanks Marcus, the picture is me (Thunder Skull) all scratched up ans hurt because of the explosion, at first I was going to make the scratches red but I realised that it looked like blood so I made the scratches orange, plus that's actually better cause when metal or iron gets scratched it leaves orange marks. But thanks for the comment.

  4. Wow Inderpreet I like the way how it is clear.
    The picture is amazing keep the great work going.

    1. Thanks Dylan, and the next episode will be here soon.

  5. Great story Inderpreet! Just want to read more. That was a great drawing on paint.
    Keep those great thunder Skull story up.

    1. Don't worry Cam, the next episode will be up soon, and thanks for commenting.

  6. Awesome Inderpreet.
    I like the hat trick thunder skull pulled on skorpa ma thingy.
    Great story.

    1. Thanks for the comment Elijah, what do you mean "the hat trick"? You mean when I planted the bomb on Scorponok guy. But anyway thanks :-).

  7. Great action story. And what an amazing idea for the twins. And I really like the image. Its really cool. Well done :-)

    1. Thanks Ellis :-). The twins didn't ask to be in when I was getting my allies. I knew they wanted to, and I wanted them in, so I thought that this would be the episode.

  8. That was awesome!
    I really liked scorponok dude!
    What is up with the orange juice on his face? JUST KIDDING!
    that was a great picture too.

    1. Thanks Teva, and what do you mean? The orange juice on who's face? The picture is of Thunder Skull.

  9. I think it is awesome because it had the part when Thunder skull sacrificed his life to save the others and then at the end the team heard a mysterious voice. I really want to see what happens next. :)

    1. Thanks Tyrone, I will get it on my blog soon (hopefully).

  10. Awesome Inderpreet
    this post is very interesting it hooks the reader.
    Well done!!!


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