Thursday, 4 April 2013

The Golden Gate bridge & some facts.


For the Avengers reading group challenge we got a book it was called “ The 10 Most Amazing Bridges”. We all had to pick a bridge, I picked the THE GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE! Then we had to write information about the bridge we picked (we all had to pick different bridges no one was allowed to do the same as each other). My favourite thing about the "Golden Gate Bridge" is that it's a suspension bridge, iv'e always liked suspension bridges since I was 4 i don't know why but they're just so cool. Plus every time I look at the book (The 10 Most Amazing Bridges) the bridge is just so phenomenal.

The “Golden Gate Bridge” was made in San Francisco, California in 1937. It has held the record for the longest suspension bridge (yes it’s a suspension bridge) for over 27 YEARS! If you’re wondering how long it is, well it’s 2.7 km’s (2 kilometers & 700 meters long) with a main span of 1280 meters or in other words 1.28km’s. & that’s not all, each cable is 2,334 meters long so basically 2 km’s & 334 meters.

More Info
* The actual construction of the bridge began on the 5 of January 1933.
* 11 men lost their lives while the construction of the “Golden Gate Bridge”.
* 200, 000 pedestrians walked on the “Golden Gate Bridge” the day it was open!
* 1, 779, 032, 891 cars have crossed the “Golden Gate Bridge” since June 2005 (probably more by know.... WAY MORE).
* 2006, The year the church tower bells tolled a dozen (12) times across San Francisco on May 24 to remember the people who have committed suicide.


  1. wow Inderpreet
    your info about the golden gate bridge is great.
    Awesome work!

  2. Awesome Inderpreet!
    That bridge looks so interesting.
    What great information that you have wrote.
    The information is nice an d clear as well how you have written it.
    Well done:-)

  3. Cool, Inderpreet!
    Those are some good facts, must of took a Long time to think of those!
    That's a cool bridge you picked!

    Sincerely, Teva Tait.

  4. Cool Indeerpreet, I really like the way you have put pictures and when I read it there were a lot of numbers which mean that this bridge is really old and a good project to do about!!!

  5. Excellent summarising of the main facts, Inderpreet.

    I love all the bridges in that book!


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