Friday, 19 April 2013

Walkathon Reflection

Check out my "Walkathon" Certificate

Camp Kaitawa Walkathon:

Something that I was pleased with was: That I walked the whole thing without stopping or falling to the ground, even though I was kinda slow I didn’t give up, neither did the whole team. (Well Marcus did fall to the ground like 3 times, so... yeah).
Because: I was wasting a lot of energy keeping up with my team. I have never done anything like this before so I was really pleased with myself & the team, & whenever I got slow they wouldn’t keep going they would always wait.

I really enjoyed learning: How to make a chant it was really fun & everyone got to put a idea of their own. Now I know how “house leaders” feil.
Because: It wasn’t made by one person it was made by the whole team & that i’ve only had the opportunity to make a chant or a song like 9 times in my life.

Something I found hard was: Walking the whole thing... TWICE! It made my legs so sor, & the moment I sat down I didn’t want to get up.

Something that made me think was: Picking the two colours for our logo, everyone had different suggestions & i think we still haven’t picked the second colour yet!

Something I want to get better at is: Walking faster, that is the only thing I want to get better at, walking faster.
What could I do about it: Walk a little at home in my free time.   

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