Friday, 27 September 2013

My Collage

This my collage, I had a fun time making it. It is Megatron from Transformers (the first movie). He is on the Transformer's home planet, Cybertron. There is a sign in the background saying "Welcome to Cahon", with a m that's about to fall of the sign. I was going to right the sign in some alien language (by scribbling tiny and tidy lines... and I did that!). Cahon is Megatron's home town (well, city actually...). Behind the sign way back, there is a arena, that arena is where Megatron use to fight in illegal death matches (looks like he survived them all!)

The reason I picked Megatron is because he is my favourite character in all the TV shows and movies I've seen, even though he's a bad guy! In fact, my top 3 favourite characters of all time (for now) are all bad guys, Megatron is number 1, The fallen (Megatron's master) is number 2 and Shredder (from "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles", the nickelodeon version of Shredder is my favourite.) is number 3.


  1. Cool collage!
    I like the colors.
    One question,
    whats a collage?

    1. A collage is when you draw an outline of a something, then you fill it with pieces of paper.

  2. Wow Inderpreet nice collage.
    Your Megatron has so much detail.
    Keep the awesome art up!

  3. Cool collage Inderpreet, It looks like you used a lot of paper.
    Is your fourth favorite guy Galvatron (which is pretty much Megatron)?
    Keep up the good work!!!! :-)


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