Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Reflection for Optimist Yachting And Kayaking

Reflection for Optimist Yachting And Kayaking
Something I was pleased with was that I had a great time, because it makes me more excited for the next session.  
I really enjoyed learning how to hold a paddle properly when kayaking because it helps the kayak go alot faster.

Something I found hard was controlling the mainsheet rope because I had to know where the boat would go and if the wind had changed directions.
Something that made me think was why did me and my buddies (Zach) yacht keep on tipping to the side and nearly capsizing because it was really freaky and we didn’t know what to do.
Something I want to get better at is sailing the optimist yacht.
(What can I do about it?)
Learn how to control the mainsheet rope.

here is a GoAnimate I made. I hope you like it.
Optimist Yachting reflection 1


  1. Wow Inderpreet!!
    I like how you took all your time doing this writing
    and your go animate is amazing
    keep it up!!!!!!

  2. Cool reflection Inderpreet.
    I like how you did the background on a planet.
    Keep up the good work. :-)

  3. Cool reflection Inderpreet.
    I can connect to when the boat tips.
    You let your sail lose a bit. The tighter the sail gets, the more the yacht ill get.
    Keep it up!


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