Friday, 13 September 2013

My Taj Mahal Art And Story

Here is my Taj Mahal art

If you scan this art with the "aurasma" app on I pad/I pod/I phone, you can see a video of me explaining about it. 

The story;
Story Behind The Taj Mahal
(Crown Of The Queen)

The Taj Mahal, made in the 17th century (1600’s), made to be a tomb of the Indian emperors 3rd wife, Mumtaz Mahal.

In the 17th century (1600’s) there was a king (/emperor) named Shah Jahan. He had many wives but loved one the most, Mumtaz Mahal. Shah Jahan told that he would make an amazing palace for her, but before it could be done Mumtaz Mahal died.

The king still ordered that the Taj Mahal be built, but know it must be built as tomb where the queen will be buried. It took 22, 000 workers to make it in approximately 20 years. When the construction was finished the king went and rewarded the designer many treats, such as gold and a lot of his treasure. But the king watched the Taj Mahal, and knew what he had to do. He went to the designer and cut his hands so that he could never design something as good or perhaps better than the Taj Mahal.

The kings son could not wait to be king. He took over Shah Jahan’s place as emperor of India. The king was buried in the Taj Mahal right next to his wife. The queen was buried exactly in the middle of the Taj Mahal, since the king was buried next to his wife. The king is the only non-symmetrical object in the Taj Mahal.

Alternate ending.

The king told the designer after many of his treats. He told him
“tell your builders to make another Taj Mahal exactly on the other side of the original Taj Mahal, but this one will be black unlike the original one which is white. And I will be buried in my one,” said the king. But before he could his son got the king, buried him next to Mumtaz Mahal in the Taj Mahal, and the king is the only non-symmetrical object in the Taj Mahal, and the king’s son became king.

(please tell me in the comments which you think is the best ending, the original or the alternate?) Please leave a comment :-).  


  1. Awesome Inderpreet!
    I like the drawing of the Taj Mahal,
    it's interesting why the son put him in the original building.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Awesome Inderpreet
    Great story.
    Your Taj Mahal art is amazing.
    Keep up the good work.
    Well done!!!

  3. Awesome work Inderpreet, I think the original ending is the best.
    also the art is great.
    Keep up the good work. :-)


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