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Asiatic Lion Report

The Asiatic Lion

The Asiatic Lion (The Indian Lion) is a magnificent animal, though some people don’t appreciate it and hunt it even kill it. If we humans keep that up, the asiatic lion is going to end up extinct. So read this report to find out about the asiatic lion and how unique it is.

The asiatic lions are 107cm in height, but they are 292cm in length including the tail. Their tails are a long golden skin and their mains (hair) grows to lengths of 60-90cm. Adult males weigh from 160-190kg, the females weigh 110-120kg. A skull of a male lions skull can go to 33-34cm and a female lions skull can go to 29-30cm. Their skins are a think darkish gold while the african lions fur is a much more gold and brown color

Threats to the asiatic lions are mostly humans. Believe it or not, years back, there were approximately a low 180 individuals, years of baby cubs being born later, asiatic lions population increased to over 411. Some asiatic lions are found outside the Gir Forest but shot and killed by humans. It’s actually ridiculous, because why harm an innocent creature for nothing, some people do it for fun. It’s not fair on the lions, and killing one lion might decrease their population by 10-20, because if the lion that you shoot is a leader of a pride. Well firstly get this, when a leader of a pride gets killed, all the cubs in that pride get killed as well, I’m not sure if humans kill them or if it’s just a lions way of life. I said before that years back there were less than 180 asiatic lions, but even years before that, asiatic lions were found all over India, there were over 10, 000, but humans couldn’t realize how magnificent they are, they lived in peace but that peace didn’t last, they were killed, shot, some got trackers planted in them so people could find their pride and kill all of them. Now only roughly 400 are left.

Habitat and What It Eats.
The asiatic lions are endemic to India (not found anywhere else), or more like the Gir Forest. The Gujarat state in India has a forest or national park area, it’s called the Gir Forest. The Gir forest in India is the only place where you will ever see an asiatic lion. I’m actually happy that they are in the Gir Forest, because they are protected. The asiatic lions are carnivores, meaning they only eat meat, so you keep one as a pet and try to make it a vegetarian, ain’t going to happen... Well maybe. So the asiatic lions eat dead meat that they can find, or eat other animals.
Life Cycle
Lionesses are ready to breed when they reach 3 years old. They give birth to 2-3 cubs. The asiatic lions start of as cute little cubs with a lite yellow fur. A cub also has dark brown eyes and whiskers only a few cm’s long. They grow to a teen, they are bigger than before and start to get a light brownish tone. Soon enough they are strong big lions.

The lionesses do most of the hunting, while the lions do the most fighting. lionesses take all the cubs with them when the cubs are only 3 month old! (male) Lions do sleep most of the day but they are really strong and can hurt their prey easily when they actually hunt!

In conclusion, asiatic lions are a wonderful and incredible species and I would hate to see asiatic lions go extinct. I hope you have learnt to appreciate them and I thank you for taking the time to read this report.

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  1. Great Report about the Asiatic lion lots of interesting facts I agree it is a is a wonderful specie.
    Keep up the great work!!!


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