Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Dragon Story

Dragon Story

The small dragon landed on my finger tips. It was a pencil sized dragon resting on my fingers, like a egg sitting in it’s nest. It started to fly and release dangerous flames around my room. The dragon had green and reptilian skin and traditional dragon wings with sharp points on the end. Suddenly, my dragon breathed huge flames and set the bathroom on fire!

I went up to my dragon and smacked him-bad idea! Because then he set my clothes on fire! But then, then my dragon did something amazing. Amazing? No, no, no............ NO! it did something incredible. It breathed out fire again but this time, the fire turned into ice. Well then, fight fire with fire.......... OK ice fire.

I patted my dragon but then my brother came in. he smacked me on the head and called me an idiot-bad idea!


  1. Cool Inderpreet!
    Your work is awesome,
    it's funny when you smack the dragon on the head and your brother smacked you on the head.
    Keep up the funny and incredible work Inderpreet!

  2. Awesome Inderpreet I like how you said pencil sized dragon and I also liked how you described the dragon in your story those parts were cool. Great job keep up the good work.

  3. Nice writing and explaining Inderpreet, it did seem amazing when he breathed ice fire.
    In my image but that slap must of been hard, but why did your brother do that?
    Keep up the good work.


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