Tuesday, 5 November 2013


Something I enjoyed was Doing all the different designs and combining them to make my own Mathletics design.
Because It was fun, the designs amazed me and I only get to do this once every year.

Something I was proud of was That I was able to complete all the mathletics designs I did.
Because They were a little tricky, the trickiest was design 15 (I think)

Something I was pleased with was How well my design turned out and how effective it looked.
Because Last year it was good but didn’t turn out so well.

Something I found hard was Thinking and drawing my own design.
Because I was under pressure because it had to be finished by Friday (the 1st of November).

Something that made me think was Are all my lines straight and measured properly.
Because If it wasn’t I wouldn’t get picked.

Something I want to get better at I want to get better at coloring in my design.
What can I do about it Maybe when I’m coloring across a an edge of a line I can put a ruler on the edge so it doesn’t go of the line.

This is my finished design, I gave up my lunch (I wanted to stay in and finish) to finish this because it was due that day (Friday the 1st of November), I spent 1 day thinking of my design, and 1 day drawing and coloring it, I even spent our whole library session doing this after I had issued my books. So I hope you like it and please comment :-D.

My Mathletics design (cool right)

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