Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Camp Zero Gravity, IMAGINE!

Here I am, in the “Forest Of Darkness” of “Camp Zero Gravity Electrifying”. Apparently BigFoot is after me, something about not giving him any free SubWay! What am I going to do next? I’m gonna go change my pants! OK. I’m in my cabin, I’m sweating so much that I’m eventually gonna flood the whole island with sweat! Well if that does happen, BigFoot’s coming down with me, ‘cause at least I know how to swim

Man, if this is happening ‘cause of my wish to live a day of real life zombie tag, looks like wish come true, well kinda. Now I’m in the SubWay outlet at “Camp Zero Gravity Electrifying”, I figured if I’m gonna die I’m not gonna die hungry! Now I bet if my brother was here he would be saying “Inderpreet, don’t eat SubWay you fatty! You already had enough KFC!” Well it’s a good thing he’s not here, & a great thing that I own this camp, so can eat this footlong SubWay for free. SMASH! “OH NO.................. I dropped my SubWay! YOU MONSTER” I yelled at BigFoot, wait BIGFOOT! “AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Suddenly BigFoot was after me again, & even worse... I WAS STILL HUNGRY!

Soon I had screamed & ran so much that I eventually threw up! Then I stopped & thought, “hard to believe that used to be a KFC Zinger Burger”, I had just said to myself when I turned around & BigFoot was standing right there, & There was no way I was gonna step in my own puke! I was cornered & BigFoot approached me, & just when I thought he was gonna eat me alive he showed me a piece of paper. At first I was so confused but then it made sense, BigFoot wasn’t  after me for free SubWay, he was after me to give me his money for the 10 footlong SubWays he had for breakfast. So he gave me the cash & he was of. Man that was a waste of half hour!             

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  1. Living the zombie tag for real. Entertaining and imaginative stuff.


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