Friday, 10 May 2013

Rock Climbing At Karamu High

Here it is. My Prezi for "rock climbing at Karamu high".
 Please comment. (& there's no photo of me rock climbing :-(. ). 


Karamu High Rock Climbing
Week 2!

Something I enjoyed was: Climbing the wall.
Because: I haven’t done it in a long time (other than week 1).

I really enjoyed learning: How to belay.
Because: Because I’ve only done it once in my life.

Something I found hard was: Learning were to put my feet to get higher.

Something that made me think was: How to get better at belaying.

Something I want to get better at is: Getting higher.
What can I do about it: Never give up.


  1. I heard your prezi last night and sounds cool inderpreet.Keep the good work up!!!

  2. That must of been really challenging for you and Marcus. But the main thing is was to never give up. Unless you guys were brave enough to climb to the top. You guys must of found that really challenging. Well done.

  3. You guys must of found that really challenging. But the main thing is to never give up but unless you guys didn't. You guys did your best. Your leaders should be proud of you and so should you. Well done.


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